RUSSIALINK: “Putin dismisses Furgal as Khabarovsk Territory governor, appoints LDPR member Degtyaryov” – Interfax

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KERCH. July 20 (Interfax) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered Mikhail Degtyaryov, a State Duma member representing the Liberal-Democratic Party (LDPR), the position of acting Khabarovsk Territory governor.

“We have a job for you, very responsible, very important, of course, one that the country really needs. I’m referring to the region which I would like to offer you to take the leadership of, the Khabarovsk Territory,” Putin told Degtyaryov during a videoconference.

“This job is in the people’s interest in the literal sense of the word,” he said.

The Khabarovsk Territory is one of the largest constituent entities of Russia with powerful industrial capacity and authentic culture, Putin said. “It will undoubtedly require you to dedicate yourself fully to it and show all your skills, abilities, and talents,” he said.

Putin said that Degtyaryov is well prepared and educated and has experience in political work.

Degtyaryov accepted Putin’s offer to become acting governor of the Khabarovsk Territory and said that he is ready to head to the region immediately.

“I am ready, I’m grateful for your trust in me. I’m ready to fly to the Khabarovsk Territory immediately,” Degtyaryov said during the videoconference with Putin, answering the president’s question whether he is ready to work as the Khabarovsk Territory governor.

Degtyaryov named the priorities of his future work; they are “the steady work of the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, preparing for the heating season, and the fight against the spread of coronavirus.”

“I checked reference materials. At present, the hospital bed capacity does not fully meet the standards. The demand for ventilators alone is over 100 pieces, and the Khabarovsk Territory is now leading in number of cases and patients in the hospital among all the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District,” Degtyaryov said.

The president, in turn, agreed with Degtyaryov’s suggestions.

“We’ll do that. Of course, you need to look closely at the economy you’ll have to deal with now and formulate your suggestions and requests for the federal center: both for me and the government of the Russian Federation,” Putin said.

The federal authorities have always helped the Khabarovsk Territory, he said, adding that this will continue in the future.

“There are many issues, that’s true, and they must be resolved. The heating season, as you said, is near, and current issues must be addressed. But, of course, you need to look to the future, in the long term, and must not forget about the strategic plans for the development of this vast region, which is very important for the country,” Putin said.

Putin signed a decree on the early termination of the powers of the Khabarovsk Territory governor on Monday, the Kremlin press service said.

“I hereby decree to dismiss Furgal, Sergei Ivanovich from the post of Khabarovsk Territory governor due to a loss of confidence by the president of the Russian Federation. Degtyaryov, Mikhail Vladimirovich shall be appointed acting governor of the Khabarovsk Territory until the person elected Khabarovsk Territory governor assumes office,” the decree said.

The decree enters into effect on the day of its signing.

Furgal was detained in Khabarovsk on July 9, before being escorted to Moscow. The Basmanny District Court of Moscow ruled on July 10 to place him under arrest until September 9. He has been charged with organizing the murders of businessmen in 2004-2005. Furgal denies any wrongdoing and insists that he has nothing to do with these crimes.

Unsanctioned street rallies in support of the former governor have continued in Khabarovsk since July 11. The largest rallies and processions took place on July 11 and 18. According to the police and the mayor’s office, 10,000 to 12,000 people gathered for them.