Ruling United Russia party replaces its disgraced ideology chief

Duma Session file photo

(Interfax – Moscow, November 13, 2013) The issues of ideology in the United Russia party will be now overseen by deputy secretary of the party’s general council and a deputy speaker of the State Duma, Sergey Zheleznyak, instead of Andrey Isayev. “By the decision of the presidium of the general council, which met today, our commission for preparing party cadres, […]

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Russia – making bloggers ‘law-abiding’?

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(Moscow News – – Natalia Antonova, Acting Editor-in-Chief, July 15, 2013) The latest legislative initiative from the State Duma would award popular blogs the status of media outlets. I am using the word “award” somewhat ironically here. United Russia Deputy Sergei Zheleznyak, who saw himself and his family attacked in the blogosphere after it was revealed that his daughters […]

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