NEWSLINK: Russians hold outdoor kissathon in coldest city

Red Valentine's Heart

[“Russians hold outdoor kissathon in coldest city” – AFP – February 14, 2014 –] Russian couples in Yakutsk took part in a Saint Valentine’s Day kissing contest called “Love warms you up,” with the winners kissing for one hour and twenty minutes, the last 20 minutes spent with the man also picking the woman up and holding her in […]

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‘Vladentines’ Day Blog is ‘Putin’ the Charm on Americans

File Photo of Vladimir Putin and Pilot in Hang Glider Airborne Next to Flying Cranes

WASHINGTON February 15 (RIA Novosti) “From Russia with Love” takes on a whole new meaning on the recently launched “Happy Vladentine’s Day” blog [], a collection of photos with tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day captions that feature Russian President Vladimir Putin. Dubbed “love letters from a global badass,” the site shows imaginary, Putin-themed messages of endearment printed across some of the most […]

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In Russia, Valentine’s Day Is for Making Babies

File Photo of Three Babies from

(Bloomberg – – Kirsten Salyer – February 4, 2013) This Valentine’s Day in Russia, do your patriotic duty and make a baby. That’s the message from President Vladimir Putin, who has invited the trio Boyz II Men to perform in Moscow on Feb. 6 as part of an effort to raise the country’s birth rate. The group will sing […]

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