Do Black Lives Matter in Russia?

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(PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo – Peter Rutland, Andrei Kazantsev – July 13, 2020) Peter Rutland is Professor of Global Issues and Democratic Thought at Wesleyan University. Andrei Kazantsev is Professor at the Higher School of Economics, Russia. This memorandum reviews Russian state media and civil society responses to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The varying reactions cast an interesting […]

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JRL NEWSWATCH: “Susan Rice Claims Without Evidence That Russia Could Be Funding Riots” – The Daily Caller/ Chuck Ross

File Photo of Susan Rice and Barack Hussein Obama in St. Petersburg Russia, with Mural of St. Petersburg Scene in Background, adapted from image at

“Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice claimed without evidence … that the Russian government could be funding violent protests across the U.S. in the wake of the police-involved death of George Floyd. ‘I would bet based on my experience, I’m not reading the intelligence these days but based on my experience,’ Rice said, ‘this is right out of the Russian […]

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