Russia might not commit to liberalizing trade at Doha WTO talks – Medvedkov

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(Interfax – January 16, 2013) Russia, as a country that only recently joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), might not assume many of the commitments to liberalize trade that are approved during the Doha round of talks, Maxim Medvedkov, head of trade negotiations at the Russian Economic Development Ministry, told Interfax. “Russia would like to see [the Doha round] wrap […]

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Russia Confirms Emissions Goal at Doha Talks

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DOHA, December 6 (RIA Novosti) ­ Russia reaffirmed on Thursday its decision to withdraw from the second period of commitment to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, but said it would stick to its goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent in the next decade. “In 2013, our country will begin implementation of its commitments to reduce greenhouse […]

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