Young Russians Increasingly More Pessimistic about Future than Their Elders, Goncharov Says

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… That pattern, [a] Levada Center sociologist says, reflects … the very different experiences of the two generations and the inability of the Putin government to find a common language with the rising generation … a threat to the stability of the regime […]

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RUSSIALINK: “Russia’s Middle Class Is Shrinking – Bank Report” – Moscow Times

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(Moscow Times – – June 25, 2019) Russia’s middle class has fallen by nearly one-fifth since the start of the country’s economic crisis in 2014, an analysis by the Moscow-based Alfa Bank has said. Low oil prices and Western sanctions have reduced Russians’ real incomes for five years in a row. Economists forecast that the population’s purchasing power will […]

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NEWSLINK: “RT reading list” – Boycott Russia Today/ To Inform is to Influence

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“From ‘Boycott Russia Today’ … Updated “RT reading list” now in our BRT Notes section, with a dozen 2017 citations having been added …”

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