RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2015-#79 table of contents with links :: Johnson’s Russia List – Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#79 :: Tuesday 21 April 2015
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1. Mark Adomanis, Would Liberal Reform ‘Cure Russia’s Ailments?’
2. Russia Direct: Putin’s Direct Line, Russia’s culture wars and the Iranian missile deal. Media Roundup: Putin’s Direct Line, a controversial dance performance in Orenburg and the resumption of the S-300 Iranian missile deal made headlines last week.
3. Rossiya 1 TV (Moscow): Putin accuses West of not sharing “freedom” with Russia after break-up of USSR.
4. Moscow Times: Western Rejection Rains on Russia’s Victory Day Parade.
5. Global Times: Dmitri Trenin, WWII anniversary parade snubs push Moscow diplomatic shift.
6. Interfax: U.S. ambassador confirms Obama’s non-attendance of May festivities in Moscow.
7. Sputnik: Russia Has Never Run Into So Many Challenges at One Time – Medvedev.
8. Russia faces toughest economic challenges in modern history – Medvedev.
9. Moscow Times: Ruble Rebound Slows Russia’s Rampant Food Price Inflation.
10. TASS: What can help Russians out of loan trap?
11. Moscow Times: Russian Global Trade Plummets as Economic Crisis Deepens.
12. Why Russia is more confident: Finance Minister.
13. Ruble rebounds thanks to high Russian interest rates.
14. Interfax: Civil Assistance NGO defies ‘foreign agent’ status, ready to go to ECHR.
15. Paul Goble: Russia Needs a Civil Society But Not a Liberal One, Rostov Analysts Argue.
16. Moscow Times: Maxim Goryunov, Russia Is in Denial, But It Belongs in the EU.
17. Stratfor: Russia Changes Its Tone.
18. Russians want their country to follow independent course, poll shows.
19. Al Arabiya News (UAE): Maria Dubovikova, Russia has no allies or enemies.
20. Russia Insider: Russia Specialist David Kerans: The West Is Trying to Drive a Wedge Between Russia and Eastern Europe. From funding “pro-democracy”
NGOs to stoking violence, the West has a staggering array of tools for undermining Russia’s relationship with Eastern Europe, explains Russia specialist and author David Kerans in a recent interview.
21. Atlantic Council: Ariel Cohen, No Easy Outs for Putin: US Presidential Candidates United on Ukraine.
22. New York Times: Fall of Ruble Benefits Tourists to Russia.
23. Moscow Times: Rifkind Tells Story of Gorbachev’s First Meeting With Margaret Thatcher.


24. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Dmitry Babich, After Minsk: Economics may be the best hope for peace. Damage caused by sanctions to both sides could be key factor in ending stalemate over conflict.
25. TASS: PM Medvedev compares Crimea’s return with fall of Berlin Wall.
26. Russia Direct: Alexey Fenenko, Donbas: A limited war for a total revision of the Cold War order. The armed conflict in Ukraine is starting to resemble a “limited war” of the 18th century more than a modern 21st century “total war.”
27. Russia Direct: Petr Kopka, Military conflict in Ukraine ushered in a new era of dangerous multipolarity. One year since the military conflict in Ukraine started, we are now better able to comprehend the inherent weaknesses of today’s international security architecture.
28. Ola Cichowlas, The whispering train. The last link between Kiev and Moscow.
29. Wall Street Journal: U.S. Army Starts to Train Ukraine Units. Ukraine president hails trainers’ arrival as sign of Western commitment.
30. Jamestown Foundation Eurasia Daily Monitor: Pavel Baev, The Faltering Russian Economy Makes a Renewed Ukraine Offensive More Likely.
31. Novaya Gazeta: Russian liberal paper interviews former Donetsk regional
governor on Ukraine conflict. Pavel Kanygin interview with former Donetsk
Region governor Serhiy Taruta, ‘All approaches to Mariupol defended. We will
smash their teeth’
32. Sputnik: Ukrainian Chief Investigator Tells ‘Ukrainophobes’ to ‘Shut Their
33. Sputnik: Ukraine Decentralization Key to Peace Process – Council of Europe
34. Channel One TV (Moscow): Pro-Russian rebel rules out political alliance
with Kiev.
35. Fort Russ: “We will work on the basis of facts on the ground”-Vladimir
Putin on recognizing DPR and LPR.
36. Ukraine Today/RFE/RL: Among Thugs. The story of a Russian citizen, who
volunteered to fight against fascism in Donbas but found himself not in any
regular army, but among thugs.
37. Interfax: Kyiv consistently pursued line of pitting Tartars against other
Crimean ethnicities – Aksyonov.
38. Kyiv Post: Ex-Kyiv administrator facing trial in violent breakup of
EuroMaidan demonstrators, denies charges.
39. TASS: Russian diplomat comments on statement regarding training of Maidan
snipers in Poland.
40. Interfax: Ukraine conflict must not damage unity of Russian Orthodox
Church – patriarch.
41. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, Ukraine Has 1 Month to Avoid Default.
Ukrainian ideas for defaulting on its debt to Russia cannot be justified on
legal grounds. With talks with creditors in deadlock and the economy in a
tailspin, default now looks certain.
42. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Ukraine nuclear power stations pose threat to Europe –
Russian pundit.
43. Robert Parry, How Ukraine Commemorates the Holocaust.
44. Krytika: Open Letter from Scholars and Experts on Ukraine Re. the So-
Called “Anti-Communist Law”


Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion