RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2015-#103 table of contents with links :: Johnson’s Russia List – Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#103 :: Tuesday 26 May 2015
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1. Russia Beyond the Headlines/Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Fyodor Lukyanov, Obama’s legacy and Russia: What the future holds for Moscow and the U.S.
2. Fort Russ: Opinion: The best result of last year is consolidation of Russian elites before global challenges. (Sergei Karaganov)
3. TASS: Kremlin rejects criticism of Russia’s new law on ‘undesirable’ NGOs.
4. Washington Post editorial: Legally silencing Russia’s undesirables.
5. Interfax: Dmitry Zimin plans to stop financing Dynasty Foundation.
6. Interfax: Russia agrees to remove some NGOs from its “foreign agents” register.
7. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Russia Still Doesn’t Have An AIDS Apocalypse.
8. TASS: Russian Internet community against over-regulation, hails government help for Runet.
9. TASS: President Putin calls for business to take advantage of sanctions and ruble weakening.
10. Mark Adomanis, Russia’s International Reserves Have Stopped Declining (For Now).
11. Washington Times: Russia recovery talk premature as sanctions threaten to cripple economy. (with Steven Pifer and Ariel Cohen)
12. Andrei Kolesnikov, Russia’s Brain Drain: Why Economists Are Leaving.
13. Moscow Times: Luc Jones, Does Moscow Still Need Expats?
14. Russia Direct: Eugene Bai, How Chechnya is driving a wedge between Russia and the West. There is a widening gap between Russian and American values, as showcased in the latest scandal surrounding Chechnya. If this gap is allowed to widen further, it could hamper the resumption of ties.
15. Russia Direct: Law on ‘undesirable organizations’, prisoners in Ukraine and ISIS threat. Media Roundup: Russian media focused on the new law on undesirable foreign NGOs, the fate of Russian military prisoners in Ukraine and Islamic State’s claims that it obtained nuclear weapons.
16. Valdai Discussion Club/ Grigory Vygon, Vitaly Yermakov, and Maria Belova, Russia-EU Gas Relations: Change of Course.
17. TASS: Russian analysts: Eastern Partnership is a process without an end goal.
18. Carnegie Moscow Center: Balazs Jarabik, A Policy of Pretending. The EU should think less about winning Eastern Partnership countries away from Russia, and more about instituting lasting economic and political reforms.
19. Interfax: Fulfillment of S-300 deal with Iran will take time – Russian official.
20. Chatham House: Andrew Monaghan, A ‘New Cold War’? Abusing History, Misunderstanding Russia.
21. Defusing the Nuclear Threat: Martin Hellman, Solving “a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma”


22. Euromaidan Press: Separatists in Donbas have more tanks than Germany, France, and Czech Republic combined.
23. Fort Russ: Ukrainian militants executed a Novorossia militia man and his pregnant wife (video 18+).
24. Fort Russ: “Right Sector” fighter posted pictures of Novorossia soldier with chopped fingers and thanked Americans for helping in the attack (18+).
25. Interfax: DPR accuses Kyiv of pulling heavy weapons towards contact line.
26. Kyiv Post: Spring rhythm in Donetsk: Little war, little opportunity.
27. TASS: Expert: Ukraine not to become EU member in foreseeable future if ever.
28. Gordon Hahn, Ukrainians Disapprove of President and Government, Survey Results.
29. Zik (Kyiv): Poroshenko’s one-year track record not bad – political analyst.
30. TASS: Analysts: Poroshenko’s 12 months at the helm was time of empty promises.
31. Kenneth Rapoza, Yats To Washington: Please Buy Ukraine.
32. TASS: Analyst: Ukrainian government loses support from abroad as foreign experts leave cabinet.
33. TASS: Moscow unveils note sent to Kiev due to detention of Russians in Donbas.
34. Moscow Times: Death of Novorossia: Why Kremlin Abandoned Ukraine Separatist Project.
35. Washington Post: Gerard Toal and John O’Loughlin, What people in southeast Ukraine really think of Novorossiya.
36. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, Here We Go Again: Ukraine Asks For a Russia Gas Discount. Ukraine’s request confirms its lack of money and suggests it has given up on its court case against Russia. Russia however may not be willing to grant another discount if Ukraine defaults.
37. Sputnik: From Nowhere to Nowhere: Ukraine Can’t Fight Three Economic Crises at Once. (Der Spiegel)
38. Moscow Times: U.S. Social Networks, Blogs Allowed Back Into Crimea.
39. Russia Insider: US Scholar Scolds Obama for Letting Neocons Run Wild in Ukraine. David Bromwich, a top scholar from Yale, argues that neocons are hellbent on reversing any peaceful progress on conflict resolution.
40. Kyiv Post: Alexei Bayer, America should teach Ukraine to wage a clandestine war.
41. DENIS CORBOY, WILLIAM COURTNEY, AND KENNETH YALOWITZ, Will Putin Gamble All On A Broader Ukraine Invasion?
42. Paul Goble: Ukrainian Conflict is between ‘Heirs of Kievan Rus’ and ‘Heirs of Golden Horde,’ Piontkovsky Says.
43. Transitions Online: Andreas Umlan, Russia’s Expansionist Disease. How the ‘Crimea virus’ is eating away at the country’s foreign and domestic ambitions.


Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion