RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#132 contents with links :: Sunday 15 June 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#132 :: 15 June 2014
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1. In Moscow’s Shadows: Mark Galeotti, Those Mysterious Tanks in Ukraine.
2. 34th Annual U.S. – RUSSIA FORUM 2014. Advancing a Constructive Agenda for U.S. – Russia Relations. June 16 – 17, 2014 Washington, DC.
3. Facebook: Alexander Mercouris, Comment on Russia, the US, and Ukraine.
4. Cohen on Ukraine civil war: ‘Lincoln didn’t call Confederates terrorists.’ (interview with Stephen Cohen)
5. The Guardian (UK): Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis worsens as tens of thousands flee combat in east. Appalling conditions force exodus from Slavyansk as daily shelling disrupts food supply.
6. Reuters: NATO says Russia considers it an opponent, prepares Ukraine aid.
7. Reuters: Ukraine minister under fire for swearing about Putin.
8. Euromaidan PR: Kolomoyskiy offered a project of an enforced line at the 1900-km Russian border to Poroshenko, and he is ready to invest in construction.
9. Euromaidan PR: Russian terrorists using hostages as human shields.
10. Voices of Ukraine: Mykola Savelyev, Our Enemies Will Vanish?
11. Euromaidan PR: Lustration committee: Lustration in Ukraine failed.
12. Kyiv Post: Dmitry Tymchuk’s military blog: No end to Kremlin cynicism.
13. Kyiv Post: Natalia Melnychuk, How many Ukrainians have to be killed before the West imposes tough sanctions against Russia?
14. AP: Militant bravado wins support for Ukraine radical.
15. Maidan Square reflects Ukraine’s chaos. Street vendors peddle nationalist knickknacks as uprising’s centre remains filled with barricades, radicals and drunks.
16. Ukrainian airstrike kills over 50 self-defense fighters in Kramatorsk, injures 150.
17. ITAR-TASS: Ukrainian army continues fire on Slavyansk downtown.
18. Reuters: Ukraine expects gas talks with Russia as deadline looms.
19. Gas talks stall because Kiev had little “grasp on reality”
20. David Marples, Igor Strelkov – Moscow agent or military romantic? Who is Igor Strelkov? He has power, but by whose authority?
21. Financial Times: Cossacks emerge as a potent force in east Ukraine.
22. Graham Phillips, Why the Western World is On Ukraine’s Side – 10 Reasons.
23. Mark Adomanis, Vladimir Putin’s Approval Rating Is Still Higher Than It’s Been In A Long Time.
24. The Economist: The curse of corruption in Ukraine. Ostrich zoo and vintage cars. The fight against corruption is a steep uphill battle.
25. Pietro Shakarian, Between East and West: The Curious Case of Kirovograd.
26. New York Times: After Annexing Crimea, Euphoric Russia Turns Thoughts to Ukraine.
27. The National Interest: John Nelson, Ukraine: Reuniting a House Divided. “Everyone knows what they’re fighting against, but no one knows what they’re fighting for.”
28. Council on Foreign Relations transcript: What To Do About Russia and Ukraine.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion