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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#43 :: Wednesday, 11 March 2020
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1. Speech at State Duma plenary session. (excerpt re “strong presidential vertical”) –
2. TASS: Russia’s State Duma passes bill on constitutional amendments.
3. TASS: Lower house approves amendment lifting restrictions on number of presidential terms.
4. TASS: Putin thinks removal of presidential terms limit unviable.
5. Meduza: The constitutionality of six terms. Russia’s high court must decide if Putin can legally serve another two presidential terms. Here’s how the decision is supposed to work.
6. TASS: Mass gatherings of over 5,000 people to be banned in Moscow till April 10.
7. TASS: Vedomosti: Putin may remain Russia’s president until 2036.
8. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, PUTIN 2036? –
9. Russian and Eurasia Politics: Gordon Hahn, Putin 2024-2030.
10. No Yardstick: András Tóth-Czifra, Putin – president for life? –
11. Twitter: Ben Aris, Putin keeps options open.
12. Ben Aris, Russia’s Duma passes a law to reset Putin’s presidential term clock to zero.
13. The Conversation: Alexey Muraviev, Putin for life? Many Russians may desire leadership change, but don’t see a viable alternative.
14. Facebook: Tony Kevin, My independent commentary on the latest political news out of Moscow.
15. Financial Times: Kremlin denies Russia constitution rewrite is Putin power grab. Changes give people what they want and are about ‘beauty and aesthetics’, say officials.
16. The Economist: Putin’s special operation. A constitutional ploy may keep Vladimir Putin in power until 2036. Russia’s president will reset the clock on term limits.
17. New York Times: Putin Endorses Brazen Remedy to Extend His Rule, Possibly for Life. In a carefully scripted appearance, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia agreed he should be allowed to seek two more terms, if the Constitutional Court approves.
18. Novaya Gazeta: Russian pollster lists 10 key shifts in public opinion in 2019. (Lev Gudkov)
19. Russia on the global stage and relations with the United States. (interview to TASS) –
20. Global market turmoil creates economic opportunities for Russia – Putin.
21. Oil prices will rebound in several months – Russian energy minister.
22. TASS: Nord Stream 2 will be launched despite implementation delays – Uniper.
23. RFE/RL: The Reasons And Risks Behind Russia’s Big Oil Bet.
24. Asia Times: Pepe Escobar, How Black Swans Are Shaping Planet Panic. A case can be made that the current financial panic will only subside when the ultimate black swan – Covid-19 – is contained.
25. The National Interest: Michael Peck, Can Turkey Defeat Russia’s Army in Syria? “The correlation of forces is decidedly against Russia in Syria,” says Michael Kofman, a researcher at the Center for Naval Analyses thinktank, and an expert on the Russian military.
26. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: “Deal of the Century” pushes Palestinians towards Russia.
27. Nikkei Asian Review (Japan): Dimitri Simes, Huawei finds allies in Russia as Kremlin cuts reliance on West. Companies turn to Chinese telecoms giant for non-US tech.
28. 75 years after Russia & America worked TOGETHER to defeat Hitler, Trump SNUBS Putin’s Moscow celebrations invite.
29. The National Interest: Hunter DeRensis, Why the Media Gets Russia Influence Wrong. In substituting character assassination for analysis, news organizations are again contributing to the deterioration of political norms. Score another one for the Kremlin.
30. TASS: US would like to see Ukraine live under its control on Russian money – Putin.
31. Daniel Lazare, The Ukraine: Things Fall Apart.
32. Awful Avalanche: Talented Ukrainian Boy Bullied By Nazis – Part I
[Text with video]
33. Awful Avalanche: Talented Ukrainian Boy Bullied By Nazis – Part II
[Text with video]
34. New York Times: Jamey Gambrell Dies at 65; Made Russian Writing Sing, in English. A pre-eminent translator of contemporary Russian authors like Tatyana Tolstaya and Vladimir Sorokin, she won a prestigious prize for translation in 2016.

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