RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2020-#122 :: Wednesday, 8 July 2020

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#122 :: Wednesday, 8 July 2020
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1. Tie for warmest 12-month period globally as Siberia sizzles (Update)
3. Josh Wilson, Moscow’s Reopening and COVID Response: A View from the Ground
4. South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) editorial: Vladimir Putin must now live up to expectations. President on course for life term after Russian voters back parliamentary decision in country seeking strength amid uncertainty and longing for stability.
5. Gilbert Doctorow, Vladimir Putin’s New Cult of Personality –
6. Russia Matters: Paul Saunders, How Improved US-Russian Relations Could Weaken Putin’s Case for Remaining in Kremlin Until 2036.
7. TASS: Izvestia: Personal motives may be behind Russian journalist’s high treason case.
8. Intellinews: Famous ex-defence reporter arrested, accused of treason
9. Ex-colleagues take to the streets in protest as former journalist Safronov is accused of spying for Czechs & Americans –
10. Interfax: Economic crisis likely not to be protracted; not all risks from coronavirus removed yet – Manturov.
11. TASS: US election and trade wars increase risks for Russia’s economy, experts say.
12. Human Rights Watch: Russia Should Repeal No-Women Jobs List. A Transgender Woman’s Court Victory Highlights the Russian Regulation’s Absurdity. –
13. The Interpreter (the Lowy Institute-Australia): Matthew Dal Santo, Yes, to balance China, let’s bring Russia in from the cold. The West’s isolation of Russia has helped Moscow acquiesce in an expanded Chinese presence it would once have resented.
14. Gilbert Doctorow, Thane Gustafson, “The Bridge: Natural Gas in a Redivided Europe” –
15. Consortium News: Vladimir Golstein, An Age in Need of Heroes. The Establishment creates wars and quagmires that require people of integrity, courage, and nobility to waste their talents saving people whom the Establishment assigns to the role of cannon-fodder. –
16. Awful Avalanche: As Columbus Discovered America, so Bavyrin Discovers Racism – Part I –
17. TASS: ‘Regrettable’ mindset: Lavrov castigates Pentagon’s ‘containment’ policy of China, Russia.
18. Russian International Affairs Council: Igor Ivanov, The World after START –
19. Strategic Culture Foundation: Matthew Ehret, Putin’s Vision for an Anti-Fascist/Open System Future and You –
20. Arms Control Today: Michael Klare, U.S., Russia Boost Shows of Force
21. Washington Post: Katrina vanden Heuvel, Our nation needs a wake-up call to the nuclear threat
22. Ekaterina Zolotova, Russia’s Arctic Ambitions. Moscow’s security efforts have historically focused on its western front, but it’s increasingly concerned about the east. –
23. Valdai Discussion Club: Jeremy Tasch, Why the Talk of an ‘Arctic Cold War’ Is Exaggeration –
24. Moon of Alabama: The Latest ‘Russiagate’ BOMBSHELL Took Just One Week To Be Exposed As Dud. Who Was Its Source? –
25. New York Times editorial: Don’t Let Russian Meddling Derail Afghanistan Withdrawal Plans. Allegations of bounties paid for the deaths of U.S. soldiers are serious. But the White House ought to stay the course toward a peace deal.
26. Caitlin Johnstone, Why The US Empire Works So Hard To Control The International Narrative About Russia –
27. House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Exposing and Demanding Accountability for Kremlin Crimes Abroad
28. House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops: Why Hasn’t the Administration Responded?
29. Reuters: Most Americans Believe Russia Targeted U.S. Soldiers, Want Sanctions in Response, Reuters/Ipsos Poll Shows.
30. John Solomon, British court rules against Christopher Steele, orders damages paid to businessmen named in dossier. Court rules Steele’s firm violated Britain’s data privacy law by failing to aggressively check allegations in his dossier.
31. The Guardian: Phoebe Taplin, 10 of the best novels set in Russia – that will take you there. This list of novels and novellas will help you explore Russia’s vast landscapes and complex history.

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