RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2019-#74 :: Thursday, 2 May 2019

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#74 :: Thursday, 2 May 2019
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1. Russia Matters: Getting Somewhere With Russia: A Q&A With Angela Stent.
2. New York Times: ‘Meeting Gorbachev’ Review: Sitting Down With the Last Soviet Leader.
3. Council on Foreign Relations: Russia’s Democracy: What Happens After Putin? Mikhail Khodorkovsky provides his perspective on the domestic political climate in Russia, prospects for democratic change, and the future of U.S.-Russia relations.
4. Meduza: Kashin: Russia’s libs politicized debates about Stalinism, poisoning the national dialogue.
5. Kennan Institute: Gulnaz Sharafutdinova, R.I.P “Soviet Man”: Scrapping Homo sovieticus in the Spirit of Yuri Levada.
6. TASS: Putin signs law on reliable Russian Internet.
7. The Nation: James Carden, Time to Pursue an International Cyber Treaty? The Mueller report findings show a cyber “wild west” is not in the US national interest.
8. Moscow aims to become a top three global startup venue by 2030.
9. Ambassador Huntsman: US-Russia estrangement ‘has gone on too long’
10. The National Interest: Paul Pillar, Trump’s Demolition of Arms Control. The Trump administration seems to be discarding the achievements of previous administrations in favor of an impressive-sounding but probably unachievable “better deal.”
11. Le Monde diplomatique: Aaron Mate, What happens when the easy fictions are over. The end of Russiagate. With Robert Mueller’s report complete, President Trump is newly on the offensive. The likely outcome is even more rancorous fighting between the opposing factions of the US elite.
12. The Nation: Stephen Cohen, Mueller’s Own Mysteries. Little-noted aspects of the first volume of the Mueller report.
13. Russia extends fast track to citizenship offer to more Ukrainians in escalating passport row.
14. TASS: Zelensky says Ukraine and Russia share only state border, have nothing else in common.
15. Le Monde diplomatique: Nikita Taranko Acosta, Choose your language and your loyalties. Ukraine imposes its own voice. The new president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, is a comic actor and also a Russian speaker, but it’s unlikely that he will roll back his predecessor’s attempts to suppress Russian in public life.
16. Kyiv Post: Brian Milakovsky, How Ukraine’s new language law will affect Donbas.
17. Another Civil War in Ukraine Brewing! This Time The Presidency Will Battle the Parliament! –
18. Serhiy Guz, Ukraine: the International Workers’ Day that we lost. In the Soviet Union, May Day devolved into a formal holiday with little direct political meaning. Today, Ukraine has never been further from trade union struggle.
19. The Duran: Eric Zuesse, How Ukraine’s War Is to Be Settled: Zelenskiy, Crimea, and Donbass. A way needs to be found to restore Ukrainian voting rights and social services to Donbassers and yet to allow Donbassers to be protected by Russia against Ukraine’s nazis. –
20. New York Times: Biden Faces Conflict of Interest Questions That Are Being Promoted by Trump and Allies. (excerpt) (re Ukraine)
21. Mueller report reveals Kushner’s contacts with a ‘pro-Kremlin’ campaign adviser. Dimitri Simes, who runs a Washington think tank, offered advice on Russia policy and even peddled rumors about the Clintons.
22. Washington Post: Josh Rogin, Dimitri Simes flew too close to Trump, and his think tank got burned.

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