RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2019-#189 :: Wednesday, 20 November 2019

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#189 :: Wednesday, 20 November 2019
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1. TASS: Outcome of USSR’s collapse was worse than most negative expectations, says Putin.
2. TASS: Putin says Russian threat myth was invented by those seeking to make profit out of it.
3. Russia has always had ‘great respect’ for the US, Putin says.
4. Russia Calling! Investment Forum –
5. Moscow Times: Russians Increasingly Value Free Speech, Civil Rights – Poll.
6. Meduza: Russia’s Justice Ministry says journalists distorted its argument that domestic violence claims in Russia are exaggerated. Fine, here’s the full quote.
7. Novaya Gazeta: Why Russia Needs to Talk about Domestic Violence.
8. Vedomosti: Russian paper sees Vostochny cosmodrome as ‘example of chronic theft’
9. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Global economic slowdown fraught with recession in Russia.
10. Moscow Times: Jake Cordell, State-Run Bank Says Putin Will Fail to Meet Economic Targets by 2024. Russia will fall short of most of the goals outlined in the president’s $400 billion National Projects program.
11. Oil price will have a ‘significant influence’ on Russia’s growth story, wealth fund chief says.
12. America’s ‘anti-Russian stance’ might return during 2020 election race, bank chief cautions.
13. Rainer Michael Preiss, Russian Equities – The Ultimate Value Investing Market.
14. Los Angeles Review of Books: Richard Lourie, Horror and Moral Splendor: On Douglas Smith’s “The Russian Job: The Forgotten Story of How America Saved the Soviet Union from Ruin” (with comment)
15. FSB WWII Archives: Estonian Goon Squads Murdered 17,000 Russians, Burned Their Bodies –
16. Moscow Times: Dmitry Trenin, How Cozy Is Russia and China’s Military Relationship? Russia and China’s strategic military cooperation is becoming ever closer. President Putin has announced that Russia is helping China build an early warning system to spot intercontinental ballistic missile launches.
17. Valdai Discussion Club: Timofei Bordachev, Europe: 30 years After the Festivities –
18. Bloomberg: Hal Brands, Europe and America Are Refighting the Cold War, and Both Can Win. An argument over credit for defeating the Soviet Union sheds light on the best approach to Russia and China today.
19. TASS: Facts confirm White Helmets’ connection with terrorists, says Lavrov.
20. RFE/RL: Maria Butina’s New Job? Maybe Advocating For Other Russians Held In U.S. Prisons.
21. TASS: Ukraine’s Zelensky genuinely wishes to improve situation in Donbass, says Putin.
22. Euromaidan Press: Paul Goble, Zelenskyy’s three closest advisors working for the Kremlin, Piontkovsky says.
23. The National Interest: Hunter DeRensis, Is Impeachment Exposing Crimes or Policy Differences? The impeachment saga continued with the testimony of Vindland, Williams, Volker and Morrison, but it did not take a fresh turn today.
24. Sputnik: Though Impeachment Hearings are About US & Ukraine, It’s Russia Who’s the “Villain” Again – Prof. (Vladimir Golstein) ––ukraine-its-russia-whos-the-villain-again–prof/
25. TASS: Joe Biden’s son and his partners received $16.5 million from Burisma – Ukrainian MP. –
26. The American Conservative: Robert Merry, Impeaching Trump And Demonizing Russia: Birds Of A Feather. The elites who want Trump gone keep mouthing all the usual falsehoods about Ukraine.
27. Impeachment hearing raises question who is in charge of US foreign policy: Trump or ‘interagency consensus’? –
28. NPR: George Beebe, Russia Adviser To Cheney, Weighs In On Impeachment Inquiry Hearings.
29. Ukraine interfering in US elections is not a ‘Russian narrative’ but a US media one. –
30. NPR: In New Book, Journalist Alleges Russian Links To Mysterious Deaths Abroad.

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