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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#178 :: Monday, 4 November 2019
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1. BBC: Ashitha Nagesh, The St Petersburg vegans cooking up a revolution.
2. Meduza: Andrey Kortunov, Russia is winning, but here’s the catch . Five explanations for the Kremlin’s recent foreign-policy dominance (and why it’s not such a rosy picture after all)
3. Nasty Russians harassed a sick American diplomat? That’s ‘fake news’ says Foreign Ministry.
4. Reception marking National Unity Day.
5. Moscow Times: Russia Marks National Unity Day as Nationalists Organize Marches.
6. Strategic Culture Foundation: Patrick Armstrong, What About Whataboutism?
7. RFE/RL: Gorbachev: Nuclear Weapons Putting World In ‘Colossal Danger’
8. Mark Galeotti, Putin’s KGB record: not a high-flier or leader, but a solid B.
9. The Barents Observer: Arctic islands 8 degrees warmer than normal. After the hottest Arctic summer on record follows the warmest ever fall.
10. TASS: Butina says being in US prison was “a torture”
11. TASS: Russia’s Supreme Court rules to liquidate For Human Rights movement over technical faults.
12. Awful Avalanche: Improvements Needed In Russian Health System – Part I
13. Awful Avalanche: Improvements Needed In Russian Health System – Part II
14. Awful Avalanche: Improvements Needed In Russian Health System – Part III
15. Vedomosti: Russian analyst looks at challenge of social media to state TV.
16. Russia is prepared to stay online amid global blackout as crucial internet law comes into effect.
17. Break IT & software monopoly of ‘few companies’ or risk losing ‘right for future’ – Russian PM to ASEAN leaders
18. Truthdig: Scott Ritter, Russia Isn’t Getting the Recognition It Deserves on Syria.
19. Haaretz (Israel): Putin Wants to Save Syria’s Jews – to Keep Trump From Coming Back.
20. Indian Punchline: M.K. Bhadrakumar, Europe’s gas alliance with Russia is a match made in heaven.
21. The National Interest: Andy Keiser, The New Space Race Is On, and Russia Is Winning. If Russia is an adversary to the United States, then why is Washington using Moscow-made rockets?
22. TASS: Russia, China not planning to create military alliance, Lavrov says.
23. RFE/RL: Moldovan President Says Russia Has Made ‘First Step’ Toward Troop Withdrawal.
24. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answer to a question from Vremya news show on Channel One regarding the 90th birth anniversary of Yevgeny Primakov, Moscow, October 29, 2019.
25. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at the meeting of the IMEMO RAS Academic Council, on the 90th birth anniversary of Yevgeny Primakov, Moscow, October 28, 2019.
26. This stadium is not a cemetery: rebuilding Donetsk against the odds.
27. TASS: Russia not against transiting gas via Ukraine, Kiev does not want it – Kremlin.
28. Accused of Treason and Imprisoned Without Trial: Journalist Kirill Vyshinsky Recounts His Harrowing Time in a Ukrainian Prison. Eva Bartlett sat down with recently released Ukrainian journalist Kirill Vyshinsky. Vyshinsky endured 15 months of appalling conditions in a Ukrainian prison after being falsely accused of treason.
29. Strategic Culture Foundation: Stephen Karganovic, ‘NATO Orthodoxy’ v. Orthodox Russia.
30. Fred Kaplan, Why Ukraine Matters. Trump’s threat to withhold aid was impeachable, but was it a national security threat?
31. NOQ Report: If Eric Ciaramella really is the whistleblower, the whole impeachment narrative is decimated.
32. Buzzfeed: An Intelligence Report Will Say UK Spy Agencies Found No Evidence Of Russian State Interference In The Outcome Of The Brexit Referendum.
33. Washington Post editorial: Russia has turned its interfering attentions to Africa.

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