RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2019-#156 :: Tuesday, 24 September 2019

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#156 :: Tuesday, 24 September 2019
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1. Moscow Times: Russian Women Are Getting Married 8 Years Later On Average, Official Data Says.
2. Ministry of Health: Russians Live Longer, Healthier Lives Again – Recover After Collapse of USSR!
3. Medvedev and Putin Agree to Expand Healthcare in Russia! More Than 20% Spending Increase!
4. TASS: Putin asks Prime Minister to eliminate red tape in national projects funding.
5. Interfax: Kudrin announces upcoming visit by U.S. Government Accountability Office to Moscow.
6. TASS: Kremlin: Consequences of unsanctioned rallies in Russia milder than in other states.
7. Vedomosti: Russian study notes ethical gap between elites, citizens.
8. PONARS Eurasia: Mikhail Vinogradov, Will the Electoral Success Achieved by the Opposition Inspire a New Wave of Opposition Activity?
9. Meduza: Russia joins Paris Agreement on climate.
10. TASS: Kommersant: Russia joins global climate deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
11. The Barents Observer: Melting permafrost and natural disasters threaten security, says Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev. This week, he signed a government decree on the Paris Agreement.
12. TASS: Russia to adopt law on greenhouse gas emissions by end of 2020 – presidential envoy.
13. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Even Putin Is Now Worried About Climate Change. Russia has dropped its doubts about joining the Paris accords.
14. TASS: Scientists from 17 countries onboard icebreaker leave for year-long Arctic expedition.
15. Russia’s Oil Reserves Now Worth $1.2 Trillion.
16. Financial Times: EU fumbles over how to tackle Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Bloc divided over how to prevent Kremlin-Beijing alliance despite calls for more assertive foreign policy.
17. The American Conservative: Scott Ritter, Is Europe Eyeing a ‘Reset’ With Russia? While U.S. pols cling to Cold War posturing, leaders like Emmanuel Macron are finally facing new multipolar realities.
18. US-European rift over sanctions threatens their effectiveness.
19. Washington & Warsaw make pact to obstruct Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. []
20. AP: Russia fears missing Olympics over doping data tampering.
21. Moscow Times: Dmitry Yakushkin, Moscow’s Changing Street Names Reflect Its History. For someone who has been living in the city for 40 years names can cause confusion, and prompt waves of nostalgia.
22. Sharon Tennison: Russia Redux: the Gulag Museum.

Sharon Tennison: “Russia Redux: the Gulag Museum”

23. RFE/RL: Kremlin: U.S. Breaking Law For Denying Russians Visas For UN Meet.
24. West preaches rules, human rights & liberalism but fails to practice them – Russian FM.
25. Awful Avalanche: Russian Readers React to David Kramer Propaganda – Part I.
26. Patrick Lawrence, The Revelations of WikiLeaks: No. 5 – Busting the Myth WikiLeaks Never Published Damaging Material on Russia . A month before Hillary Clinton spread the widely-believed myth that WikiLeaks had never revealed anything on Russia, the publication had already released more than a million files on the country.
27. Washington Post editorial: In Ukraine, Trump’s allies are corrupt oligarchs and Russian stooges.
28. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, The U.S. Is Corrupting Ukraine. Trump’s alleged meddling in the country’s notoriously corrupt political system is setting its new president up for failure.
29. James Sunderland, Twelve reasons why Russia sucks.

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