RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2019-#154 :: Friday, 20 September 2019

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#154 :: Friday, 20 September 2019
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1. Interfax: Working group on improvement of election laws, rallies being created in Moscow City Duma.
2. Actor jailed for resisting arrest during Moscow protest released on parole as sentence appealed.
3. Financial Times: Backlash over actor’s arrest forces Kremlin retreat. Pavel Ustinov has galvanised opposition after being beaten by police and jailed.
4. TASS: Top Russian security figure favours lenience for jailed actor.
5. Interfax: Yakutia shaman Gabyshev says he is being charged with extremism, for calls to overthrow government.
6. The Express (UK): Russian Communist Party resurgent as left-wing radicals lobby Putin for more power. VLADIMIR PUTIN faces increasing opposition in Russia after regional elections earlier this month saw his party lose over a third of its majority in the Moscow City Duma, with a lot of the seats now held by the Communist Party.
7. Moscow Times/Novaya Gazeta: Kirill Martynov, Russia’s Civil Society Has Woken Up. When actors come to the defense of other actors and journalists stand up for their own, that is the very essence of solidarity.
8. Paul Goble: Few Russians Back Navalny Because Regime has Successfully Discredited Politics and Politicians, Dolganov Says.
9. Marina Yardayeva, Tired, But Not Slaves: Marina Yardayeva Talks About Why People in the Provinces Do Not Want To Play at Protesting.
10. TASS: ‘Don’t mess with us’: Kaliningrad governor warns US against designs on Russian exclave.
11. Charges against US fund manager Michael Calvey in Vostochniy case start to fall apart.
12. Entrepreneurs Risk 20 Years in Prison! Putin Promises to Ease Bureaucratic Chokehold on Small Biz! –
13. Experts on Medvedev’s four-day working week: costs to fall on businesses. It is necessary to improve workforce productivity for successful reform, specialists warn. –
14. Russia estimates its oil reserves value at over $1 trillion.
15. TASS: RBC: US legislators mull new sanctions on Russia and good old deterrence.
16. Sputnik: Moscow Alarmed by US Media Campaign to Justify Leaving Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Russian FM Says.
17. Otkrytiye Media: Expert views motives behind Putin’s missiles sale proposal. (Alexander Golts)
18. Trud: Russian minister critical of West policies, US stance on arms control. (Lavrov)
19. TASS: Lavrov urges world to coordinate common interpretation of international law.
20. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “World at a Crossroads and a System of International Relations for the Future” by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for “Russia in Global Affairs” magazine, September 20, 2019. –]
21. Valdai Discussion Club: Eric Li, Li Keqiang in Moscow: An Important Moment for Russia-China Relations.
22. South China Morning Post: China and Russia agree to continue alliance building in defence of multilateralism.
23. Paul Goble: China has a Larger ‘Effective Territory’ than Russia, Beijing Analysts Say.
24. Asia Times: Russia seizes North Koreans after firefight. Fatal contact between North Korean poachers & Russian patrol highlights escalatory risks in Northeast Asian waters.
25. Moscow Times: Russia’s Love Affair With India. Food and culture have forged strong ties between the countries over the past three decades.
26. The Independent (UK): Mary Dejevsky, Ukraine is changing faster and more profoundly than ever – will it last? Once dismissed abroad as a lightweight celebrity, Volodymyr Zelensky is breathing new life into a country hungry for change. But there are some very tough choices ahead.
27. Ben Aris, What’s to be done about those who are to blame in Ukraine?
28. TASS: Russia proposes Ukraine to resume direct gas supplies.
29. Paul Goble: Replacing Soviet Place Names Continues in Ukraine but at a Slower Pace.
30. Interfax: Ukrainian FM sets return of national enterprises as precondition for Donbas blockade relief.
31. The Jewish Chronicle: Ukraine fires historian criticised for rehabilitating wartime nationalists idolised by the far right. The move comes after new President Volodymyr Zelensky hinted at a change in the country’s ‘national memory’ policy.
32. ‘If you are suckers, it’s not my fault!’ Even creepy deepfake Putin won’t admit to meddling in US elections (VIDEO) –
33. New York Times: Mark von Hagen, 65, Dies; Reviewed Times’s 1931 Soviet Coverage. A historian, he was asked by the paper to judge whether a correspondent’s Pulitzer Prize should be revoked because of biased reporting. He said it should be.

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