RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2019-#103 :: Monday 1 July 2019

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#103 :: Monday, 1 July 2019
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1. Russia beating U.S. in race for global influence, Pentagon study says. A divided America is failing to counter Moscow’s efforts to undermine democracy and cast doubt on U.S. alliances, says the report, which warns of a surge in ‘political warfare.’
2. AP: Putin says liberalism ‘eating itself,’ migrant influx wrong.
3. Vladimir Putin’s news conference. Following the G20 summit, the President of Russia answered journalists’ questions.
4. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: G20 summit proves effective.
5. TASS: Kremlin says Putin not averse to liberalism.
6. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Why Putin Sounds Alt-Right Though He Really Isn’t. The Russian president said liberalism has become obsolete. His anti-liberal signalling is part of an effort to break down the current world order.
7. Twitter: Mary Dejevsky, Re Putin on Liberalism.
8. Facebook: Fred Weir, Re Putin on Liberalism.
9. Moon of Alabama: How Russia’s President Putin Explains The End Of The ‘Liberal’ Order. (excerpt) –
10. The Guardian (UK): Natalie Nougayrède, Forget Putin’s ‘liberalism’ jibe. This man runs a war machine. For too long, the west has turned a blind eye to Russian atrocities in a string of wars. (excerpt)
11. ‘Lawlessness & power abuse’ – Putin on scandal over journalist Golunov’s drug arrest.
12. Interfax: Russian PM urges United Russia party to back investigative reporters.
13. ‘You don’t have AIDS’: RT documentary takes on Russia’s top HIV denialist (VIDEO) –
14. Meduza: 2019, so far Meduza reviews Russia’s biggest news stories over the first six months of the year.
15. Paul Goble: Economic Decline Won’t Spark a Revolution and Kremlin Sees No Need for Change, Inozemtsev Says.
16. ‘6 or 5 genders…no idea what that even is’: Putin says LGBT should not enforce their agenda on kids
17. Awful Avalanche: Elton John vs Putin Debate On Homosexuality –
18. Russia Observer: Patrick Armstrong, RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 27 JUNE 2019. –
19. Chatham House: Mathieu Boulègue, Russia’s Military Posture in the Arctic. Managing Hard Power in a ‘Low Tension’ Environment. (excerpt)
20. Expect US to fight back as Russia & China lead BRICS away from dollar trade.
21. Russia ‘will NOT ask’ US to lift sanctions.
22. TASS: US election campaign may hamper improvement of dialogue with Russia, says senior diplomat.
23. Interfax: Russia, U.S. reached understanding in Osaka on strategic stability – Ryabkov.
24. Valdai Discussion Club: Anton Bespalov, Russia’s Turn to the East: Expectations and the Reality. –
25. Asia Times: Pepe Escobar, Russia-India-China share a room with a view. No leaks from their trilateral at the G20, but the trend toward togetherness is clear.
26. Jerusalem Post: RUSSIA AND SYRIA: HOW MOSCOW VIEWS THE MIDDLE EAST TODAY. Russia’s embassy in Israel puts out a weekly newsletter that is particularly interesting revealing Moscow’s views of the region.
27. Wall Street Journal: Tiny Moldova Fears Russia Is Playing a Long Game. For years, Europe’s poorest country has been torn between Russia and the West-and Moscow still has the upper hand.
28. Awful Avalanche: Gruzian Hospitality: That is Sacred and Holy Thing! (re Georgia and Russia) –]
29. TASS: Kremlin on possible Putin-Zelensky meeting: The result is what matters.
30. Interfax: Kremlin has nothing to add to Putin’s remark on Zelensky’s call for freeing Ukrainian sailors – Peskov.
31. The National Interest: Adam Lammon, Will Ukraine Begin a New Dialogue With Moscow? Volodymyr Zelensky was elected on a platform of compromise with Russia and public support seems to be firmly on his side, but other problems restricting his political latitude remain.
32. New Cold War: Dmitry Kovalevich, June update: The political ‘dance’ of Ukraine’s new president; one step forward, one step back. –
33. Foreign Policy: Vladislav Davidzon, The Death of Ukraine’s Liberals. Western-oriented reformers are about to get completely wiped out in parliamentary elections-and they have nobody to blame but themselves.
34. The faux outrage over Trump laughingly telling Putin not to meddle is ludicrous. –

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