RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-44 :: Thursday, 2 March 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#44
Thursday, 2 March 2017

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1. Russian and Eurasian Politics: Gordon Hahn, Stealth Wars: US-Russian Cyber Wars and the Future of International Security.
2. The Independent (UK): Mary Dejevsky, Can Putin’s divided Russia be reconciled in remembrance as it marks the centenary of the 1917 revolutions? Unlike France, Russia remains conflicted about its revolution. Did it improve the lives of ordinary people, or did it prevent the country from evolving into a modern democracy – perhaps permanently? The centenary this year is forcing it to confront this question
3. The National Interest: Nikolas Gvosdev, On Russia, Trump Needs Breathing Room. So far, we’ve seen continuity with Obama’s Russia policy-looking toward a future deal.
4. TASS: Poll shows Putin’s approval skyrockets to record high for 2017.
5. TASS: Putin on short vacation in Siberia’s great outdoors, says Peskov.
6. Russia Insider: Paul Kaiser, Putin Proves Again That He’s a Cut Above the Rest. Putin could have spiked the proverbial football once it was revealed that the World Anti-Doping Agency had exaggerated and fabricated allegations against Russia. He responded in a much more constructive way.
7. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russians more proud of Crimea’s return than Gagarin’s conquest of space.
8. Moscow Times: Moscow Court Overturns Fine for Independent Russian News Outlet RBC.
9. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, BOOK REVIEW: HOLY RUS’
10. Obsession with ‘likes’ is real disease – Russia’s Patriarch Kirill.
11. Russian capital flight reverses for the first time since 2015.
12. Bear Market Brief: Stolypin Club Offers Alternative to Kudrin Plan.
13. Kenneth Rapoza, Putin Policies Weigh On Russia.
14. The fate of Russian stocks hinges on politics and oil.
15. Eric Kraus, Earthquake Season. (excerpt)
16. Sputnik: With One Year Still to Go, Here Are the Major Achievements of Putin’s Third Term.
17. Izvestia: Kremlin’s options in “referendum-type” 2018 election viewed.
18. Russia: The Kremlin Moves to Keep Putin in Power.
19. United Russia leads electoral rating with support of over half of citizens.
20. Sputnik: Trump’s Address to Congress: Were There Any Cues for Russia?
21. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Will Russia and the U.S. enter into another arms race? While the U.S. may increase its defense budget by $54 billion, Russia so far hesitates to enter into an arms race and doesn’t plan to increase military expenditures.
22. Moscow Times: Vladimir Frolov, It’s Time to Make Nuclear Arms Control Great Again. Donald Trump has been sending alarming signals to Moscow on the nuclear.
23. Russia Direct: Pavel Koshkin, The next century: Realpolitik vs. liberalism. Squeezed between networked citizens and assertive non-state actors, states will have to balance between liberalism and realpolitik to adjust to the new geopolitical reality of the 21st century.
24. Reuters: Russia Shrugs Off Sessions Uproar, Says Has Daily Contacts With U.S. Partners.
25. TASS: Kremlin baffled by ’emotions’ surrounding alleged contacts between Moscow and Washington.
26. Wall Street Journal: NASA Moves to Extend Russian Space Contracts. Agency has relied on Russia to ferry crews since retirement of U.S. space shuttle fleet in 2011.
27. New York Times: Jon Huntsman Is in Running to Be Russia Ambassador.
28. Trump Taps Putin Critic for Senior White House Position. The selection of Brookings scholar Fiona Hill comes as the Trump administration draws fire for contacts with Russian officials.
29. New York Times: Fiona Hill, Stop Blaming Putin and Start Helping Him. (2004)
30. New York Times: Fiona Hill and Clifford Daddy, Dealing With the Real Putin.
31. Washington Post: Fiona Hill and Clifford Daddy, How aiding the Ukrainian military could push Putin into a regional war
32. The Imaginative Conservative: Joseph Mussomeli, Is Vladimir Putin a Killer?
33. NPR: Sensing Chaos, Russia Takes A ‘Wait-And-See’ Approach To Trump.
34. Russia Direct: Dmitri Eklin, 100 years after February Revolution: Remembering the end of the Empire. A century ago, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated, with the start of the February revolution. Here is how Russia commemorates this event.
35. Crimean News Agency (Kyiv): Kremlin made more than million Russians rest in Crimea.
36. Interfax-Ukraine: Poroshenko twice spoke with Putin by phone since aggravation of situation in Donbas.
37. Interfax: NBU head says Donbas blockade, if prolonged, to result in Ukrainian GDP growth limited to 1.5%.
38. Alexander Mercouris, Donbass nationalises Ukrainian enterprises.Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics take Ukrainian enterprises under control in response to Ukrainian coal blockade, further distancing themselves economically from Ukraine as they re-orient towards Russia.
39. The Irish Times: Daniel McLaughlin, Kiev Letter: ‘Ukraine’s Joan of Arc’ divides nation. Ex-military pilot Nadiya Savchenko considered a hero to some, a traitor to others
40. Facebook: Ivan Katchanovski, Maidan Shootings.

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