RUSSIA & UKRAINE: Johnson’s Russia List contents with links :: 2014-#74 :: Thursday, 3 April 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#74 :: 3 April 2014
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1. Reuters: Putin officially divorces his wife Lyudmila: Kremlin.
2. Moscow Times: Majority of Russians and Americans View Each Other’s Country Negatively, Polls Show.
3. Most Russians believe military conflict with West unlikely – poll.
4. Nikolai Zlobin, Hard politics and soft politics: the U.S.-Russia struggle to lead the new world order.
5. Center on Global Interests: Alexander Bratersky, 20 Years Later: How the 1993 Constitutional Crisis Foreshadowed Putin’s Undemocratic Russia.
6. The National Interest: Paul Saunders, No War with Russia? Don’t Be So Sure.
7. Washington Post: Christopher Inggraham, The data are in: Life under Putin is a continuous downward spiral into despair.
8. Moscow Times: What the Papers Say, April 3, 2014.
9. AFP: Russian forces to quit Ukrainian border after exercises: Lavrov.
10. Wall Street Journal: Ukraine Says It Will Hand More Power to Regions. Government Approves Plan Allowing Election of Regional Governors.
11. Washington Post: Pro-Russian protests in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region diminish.
12. ITAR-TASS: Crimea adapting itself to life in Russian Federation.
13. Carnegie Moscow Center: Alexey Malashenko, Will the Crimean Tatars Become Russia’s Headache?
14. ITAR-TASS: Crimean Tatars not to destabilize peninsula.
15. Moscow Times: Crimea Annexation Spurs Some Russians to Emigrate.
16. Josh Rogin, Khrushchev’s Son: “Russia Will Never Surrender.” Sergei Khruschev, the son of the Soviet leader who gave Crimea to Ukraine, says that his father never intended to separate Crimea from Russia and Russia will never give it back.
17. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Is the crisis in Ukraine a plum ripe for picking? Britain’s former ambassador to Moscow discusses the roots of the current crisis. (Rodric Braithwaite)
18. Vedomosti editorial: Kremlin Helps to Mobilize Resources at World Level. Ukraine Crisis Has Already Prompted Development of Whole Series of World Processes – Economic and Political.
19. New York Times: Ukraine Implicates Ousted President in Shooting of Protesters.
20. Kiev detains Berkut officers in murky ‘Maidan snipers’ probe.
21. RIA Novosti: Russia Discloses Ukrainian Ultranationalist Leader’s Nazi Past.
22. Interfax: U.S. naval ships overstayed Montreux Convention limits in Black Sea – Russian foreign minister.
23. Reuters: Russia says wants answers on NATO troops in eastern Europe.
24. New York Times: In Crimea, Russia Showcases a Rebooted Army.
25. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: No Basis for Russian Optimism about a Quick Military Victory in Ukraine, Moscow Expert Says. (Rashit Akhmetov)
26. Washington Post: Felicity Vabulas, Does the G-8’s suspension of Russia actually matter?
27. ‘NATO making best effort to show it’s doing something about Crimea.’ (interview with Charles Shoebridge)
28. Sergey Strokan, NATO: Old is gold, but not always.
29. Interfax: Signals coming in that U.S. plans to suspend dialogue with Russia even in areas where it benefits U.S. itself – Russian diplomat.
30. ITAR-TASS: US energy department informs Russia about suspended peaceful atom projects.
31. RIA Novosti: OPINION: Freeze on Russia-NASA Space Cooperation to Have Global Backlash – Expert.
32. RIA Novosti: OPINION: US Pullout on Missile Defense Talks Won’t Impact Russia.
33. Interfax: NATO’s decision to suspend cooperation will harm Afghanistan – Russian envoy.
34. RIA Novosti: Moscow May Respond to Washington’s Actions – Russian Foreign Ministry.
35. ITAR-TASS: Russian diplomat: NATO interested in maintaining political contacts with Russia.
36. Russia Beyond the Headlines: For Ukrainians and Russians, the political is personal. Immigrants to the U.S. talk about the crisis in Kiev and Crimea.
37. Transitions Online: Barbarare Frye, Lie to Me. Most Russians say they trust their media, although they’re OK with a bit of censorship and manipulation.
38. Wall Street Journal: Russia Says It Has Weathered the Worst of the Economic Storm. Bank of Russia Accepts Sanctioperns Have Taken a Toll on Growth and Increased Inflation.
39. Washington Post: Robert Samuelson, Russia’s big bet on Putinomics.
40. Bloomberg: Gazprom’s $910 Billion Gaffe Shows Putin Economy Waning.
41. Moscow Times: Putin Relative Accuses Russian Railways of Corruption.
42. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Boss, father, tsar or slave driver? RBTH has collected data from the largest Russian recruiting companies, spoken with employees of a range of corporations with different outlooks and made a list of the main distinctions of Russian corporate culture.
43. Russia Beyond the Headlines: All important matters are resolved in the smoking room.
44. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Nobody likes a squealer.
45. Defense One: Michael Quigley, NATO Expansion Will Put Russia in Its Place.
46. Andrew Korybko, Why America Needs a Face-Saving Retreat Plan for Ukraine.
47. The Vineyard of the Saker: A new Cold War has begun – let us embrace it with relief!

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion