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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#68 :: Tuesday, 14 April 2020
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1. Facebook: Fred Weir, “Putin’s Long War Against American Science”
2. Counterpunch: Ed Corcoran, Re-Engaging Russia –
3. Russian Covid-19 cases exceed 21,000 after Putin warns country faces ‘extraordinary crisis’
4. TASS: Izvestia: Putin stresses need to brace for different COVID-19 scenarios.
5. Meduza: ‘All of Moscow is rushing in to feed its doctors’. How Russian restaurateurs and volunteers are supporting health workers in the fight against coronavirus.
6. New York Times: As Pandemic Grips Russia, an Age-Old Bane Returns: Drinking.
8. AFP: Russia Braces for Worst as Coronavirus Spreads to Hinterland.
9. Financial Times: Moscow adopts digital permits as infections spread north and east. Without a QR code to travel around the city, citizens face a fine.
10. AFP: Russia’s small businesses buckling under virus restrictions.
11. TASS: Falling demand is most sensitive issue for economy, Putin says.
12. Russia needs EVEN BIGGER stimulus to fix coronavirus quarantine damage, says ex-finance minister. (Kudrin)
13. Covid-19 strikes Moscow’s LEGENDARY Bolshoi Theater, dozens of staff test positive.
14. Moscow Times: Mark Galeotti, If Putin Wants to Use the Military Against the Coronavirus, He’ll Need to Trust His Governors or Step up Himself. Will governors be granted the power to tell local military commanders what to do?
15. The Daily Beast: Amy Knight, Can Putin Survive His Bungling of Coronavirus? WEAK CONSTITUTION? A month ago, the Kremlin was gloating about Russia’s handling of the pandemic. No longer. And the disaster now threatens Putin’s autocratic ambitions.
16. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Russian paper says poverty more dangerous than virus.
17. Ben Aris, Russia has zero FDI in 1Q20. Russia’s FDI in 1Q20 was next to nothing, which means in reality it was probably negative.
18. Moscow Times: Russia Should Launch Cash Handouts and Quantitative Easing, Economists Argue. The Russian government needs to spend up to $136 billion to fight the economic impact of the coronavirus, a group of liberal economists argues.
19. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: China turns border with Russia into defense barrier against COVID-19.
20. OPEC+ cuts deep into global supply, but not deep enough. OPEC and its allies have agreed a 9.7mn barrels per day cut in production, or just under 10% of global production, but with demand down by a third analysts say its is not enough to lift prices.
21. Moscow Times: OPEC+ Deal Will Help Russia Avoid ‘Market Chaos,’ But Provides Little Support to Embattled Economy. The production cut will support oil prices and avoid a further ruble crash while the wider economic damage from coronavirus continues to build.
22. Washington Post: David Ignatius, Will the new oil pact open a broader dialogue between Trump and Putin?
23. TASS: Russia can send more aid to US to fight coronavirus if asked.
24. AP: Russian Foreign Minister Calls for Unity in Fighting Virus.
25. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, VARIOUS FORMS OF LIBERALISM. (Re Boris Chicherin)
26. Brian Cloughley, The Facts About Crimea Should Be Recognised. And So Should Crimea –
27. Ukraine Eyes America for Gas But Still Relies on Russia –
28. G.H. Eliason, Ukraine’s DNC Hackers Out of the Closet- Assange exonerated-Crowdstrike liable. (excerpt) –
29. Russia Beyond: 10 facts about Russia foreigners do NOT believe until they visit –

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