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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#67 :: Wednesday, 30 March 2022
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1. Meduza: Ukraine’s 10-point plan. Journalist Farida Rustamova obtained the full list of Kyiv’s proposals to Moscow on March 29.

2. Intellinews: Ben Aris, Russia to “drastically reduce” forces around Kyiv in Istanbul peace talks breakthrough.

3. TASS: Vedomosti: Results of Istanbul talks do not mean the end of military operation.

4. TASS: ‘No place for emotions’: Kremlin calls for trust in professionals on Ukraine operation.

5. Washington Post: Anthony Faiola, How Ukraine could lose land but still win the war with Russia.

6. The Economist: Advancing in a different direction. Russia says it is changing its war aims in Ukraine. Having failed to take Kyiv, Russia may focus on the east.

7. New York Times: Bret Stephens, What if Putin Didn’t Miscalculate?

8. Moon of Alabama: Ukraine SitRep – Part II Of Russia’s Military Operation Unfolds.

9. Awful Avalanche: Ukraine War Day #35.

10. Pearls and Irritations: Cameron Beckie, The Ukraine – a decisive transfer of the balance of power from west to east.

11. Intellinews: Russians expect Western businesses to return. Over 400 western firms have stopped doing business in Russia, many of them have only “suspended” operations and a few have refused to even do this. Russia is a huge market and will hard to ignore for long.

12. Moscow Times: Nigel Gould-Davies, Corporate Rejection of Russia Marks New Era of Political Risk. More than 250 foreign companies have left the Russian market.

13. Interfax: Payments for Russian gas in rubles won’t start exactly on March 31 – Peskov.

14. Valdai Discussion Club: Ivan Timofeev, Russia-West: Is It Possible to Lift the Sanctions? The inclusion of sanctions in the formula for a compromise on Ukraine is quite possible. Total pessimism is hardly desirable here, if only because the initiators themselves incur serious costs and may be ready to reduce them. However, the complete lifting of the new sanctions and a return to the status quo on February 21, 2022 also appears to be an unlikely, if not unfeasible alternative.

15. Scott Ritter, Regime change has been the US goal in Russia for years. For all the damage control that followed Biden’s ‘Putin cannot remain in power’ remark, that’s exactly what Washington wishes for.

16. Meduza: Everything we know about the alleged poisoning on March 3. According to Bellingcat, the BBC, and the Wall Street Journal, Roman Abramovich and two other negotiators suffered symptoms that point to chemical attacks.

17. The Times (UK): Ukrainian town roots out Russian-speaking pro-Putin traitors.

18. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Vladimir Putin’s New Alter Ego Is Igor Strelkov. Russia’s president has come around to the twisted views of the man who started the conflict in Eastern Ukraine in 2014.

19. The Cradle: Pepe Escobar, How Mariupol will become a key hub of Eurasian integration. Mariupol was battered by Ukraine’s right-wing Azov battalion well before Moscow launched its military ops. In Russian hands, this strategic steelworks port can transform into a hub of Eurasian connectivity.

20. Responsible Statecraft: Eldar Mamedov, Why German-Russian Ostpolitik may be dead, but shouldn’t be buried. Chancellor Olaf Scholz is under pressure to take a more aggressive stance on Russia, but he’s taking the long view.

21. Washington Post: Kyiv will investigate video that appears to show Ukrainian forces shooting Russian prisoners of war.

22. Russia Foreign Affairs Ministry: Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s answer to a media question about a video depicting how the Ukrainian military is humiliating Russian POWs.

23. Washington Post: Daniel Dresser, How robust is the global opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Does the global south secretly support Russia?

24. Russian International Affairs Council: Dayan Jayatilleka, Will China “Lean to One Side”?

25. Foreign Policy: Stephen Walt, The Realist Case for a Ukraine Peace Deal. Conflict resolution isn’t just for woolly-headed idealists.


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