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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#33 :: Friday, 11 February 2022
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1. Intellinews: Ben Aris, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss gets icy reception from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow –
2. Paul Robinson, What do Western politicians know about Russia anyway? A visit to Moscow turned into a widely mocked disaster for Britain’s gaffe-prone Foreign Secretary –
3. Moscow Times: Macron’s Refusal of Russian Covid Test Behind Distanced Putin Talks.
4. Foreign Policy: Anatol Lieven, Russia Belongs at the Center of Europe. NATO and the European Union have reached their limits. Here’s what should come next.
5. Jacobin magazine: A Ukrainian Sociologist Explains Why Everything You Know About Ukraine Is Probably Wrong. The Ukraine crisis is extremely complex and little understood. Sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko explains the crisis’s origins, the fictions that surround it, and why war is still far from inevitable.
6. The National Interest: David Hendrickson, Why Washington Has Lost Its Mind Over Ukraine. Putin’s stated vision for Russia and Ukraine is not absorption into a common state, but the sort of relationship that exists between the United States and Canada, in which people who share a common ancestry cooperate and profit from their relationship, while still having separate states. –
7. The Nation: Rajan Menon, The Strategic Blunder That Led to Today’s Conflict in Ukraine. There was a world out there for the planet’s sole superpower to lead, and the US wasn’t about to waste time on introspection. –
8. Moscow Times: Explainer: What Are the Minsk Agreements?
9. Responsible Statecraft: David Kaiser, Putin is channeling Khrushchev at the height of the Cold War. Does Moscow really want to invade Ukraine? No more than it really wanted to take West Berlin by force in 1958-61.
10. Project Syndicate: Nancy Qian, The West Must Accept Reality in Ukraine. In the fraught standoff between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, it is clear that Russia is far more committed to its cause than NATO is to the defense of Ukrainian sovereignty. The sooner the West recognizes this harsh reality, the better it will be for everyone, including Ukrainians.
11. The Hill: Timothy William Waters, Why not try a different path to defend Ukraine?
12. TransConflict: Matthew Parish, An Essay On The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine: Domestic Political Maneuverings (Part II) – Analysis
13. Asia Times: James Carden, Ukraine crisis exposes shallowness of US diplomacy. America’s long diplomatic decline can, in part, be blamed on the militarization of US foreign policy. –
14. Gilbert Doctorow, Read all about it! No. U.S. military evacuation of Americans from Ukraine in case of war! –
15. Meduza: (Interview) Head of Russia’s foreign intelligence trashes U.S. counterparts and denounces Western ‘aggression’ and ignorance. [referencing]
16. MintPress: Alan Macleod, MintPress Study: NY Times, Washington Post Driving US to War with Russia Over Ukraine. This MintPress study reveals that ninety percent of recent opinion articles in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have taken a hawkish view on the Ukraine conflict written by pundits tied to the national security state promoting NATO as a defender of the free world & describe Putin as Hitler incarnate. (Excerpt)
Full text:
17. Jacobin magazine: Branko Marcetic, The Media’s Neo-McCarthyism on Russia Is Getting Worse. After weeks on the sidelines, Bernie Sanders and other progressives are taking a forceful stand on the Ukraine crisis. They’re navigating a dangerous climate created by mainstream media — including liberal outlet MSNBC — that casts antiwar opinion as disloyalty.
18. Politico: Stop blaming Russia and fill your gas storage, top executive tells EU. Marco Alverà said Asian competition for gas is the reason for EU price rises, not Moscow.
19. Bloomberg: Julian Lee, Russia and Europe Are Vital to Each Other When It Comes to Oil.
20. Wall Street Journal: Investors Bet Ukraine-Russia War Will Be Averted.
21. ‘Serious questions’ over timing of Valieva doping result – Russian Olympic boss. The head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) has demanded clarity over the timeframe of skater Kamila Valieva’s positive test for a banned substance. –
22. New York Times: Kori Schake, America’s Russia Policy Has a Biden Problem.
23. Washington Post editorial: The world needs a way out of the crisis Russia has provoked. The Minsk agreement is not it.
24. Foreign Affairs: Michael McFaul, How to Make a Deal With Putin. Only a Comprehensive Pact Can Avoid War.

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