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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#76 :: Saturday, 10 April 2021
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1. American Committee on US-Russia Accord: Nicolai Petro, Looking Beyond the Current Tragedy in Ukraine.
2. Glenn Diesen, Donbass crisis: Domestic political battles in Kiev, Moscow & Washington could see Ukraine & Russia stumbling into war nobody wants.
3. Reuters: Ukraine says it could be provoked by Russian ‘aggression’ in conflict area.
4. Kyiv Post: Top general: Ukraine has no plans for ‘all-out offensive’ in Donbas.
5. Interfax-Ukraine: Third of Ukrainians think Russia may invade – poll.
6. TASS: Pentagon urges Russia to be more transparent over Ukrainian border situation.
7. Moon of Alabama: Why The U.S. Might Want War In Ukraine.
8. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Putin’s Ukraine Gambit Is About Gaining Attention, Not Territory. He wants the U.S. and Europe to pay more respect to his power to shape geopolitics.
9. Glenn Diesen, Borsch & Bulgakov ours, Brezhnev & Bolsheviks theirs: American propaganda is driving Ukraine’s ridiculous cultural war with Russia.
10. Paul Robinson, Russians’ lack of sympathy for Navalny may be partly down to constant lies about the country from West’s media & political classes.
11. Washington Post editorial: Putin is slowly murdering Alexei Navalny. Here’s how the U.S. can save him.
12. The New Yorker: Susan Glasser, Vladimir Putin Has a Message: “Hey, Joe, Are You Listening?” The Biden Administration can’t escape the Russia problem.
13. RFE/RL: U.S. Intel Report Predicts Russia Will Be A Declining But ‘Disruptive Power’ Over Next Two Decades.
14. Moscow Times: Russia Reshuffles Regional Heads Ahead of Fall Elections.
15. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, When is a grocery store not a grocery store? When it’s a palace. Muscovites have fond memories of Eliseevsky, an ornate grocery store famous for full shelves in the shortage-plagued Soviet Union. Its closure underscores how different the consumer world is in modern Russia.
16. ‘Great working relationship’ will allow Russia & US to travel ‘further out into space together,’ senior NASA official tells RT.
17. Institute for War and Peace Reporting: Yuri Panchenko, Ukraine Antagonises China, While Pleasing the US. Move to nationalise aviation firm interpreted as a sign Kyiv views Washington as a more useful strategic partner than Beijing.
18. TASS: Sputnik V used in Slovakia as instrument of hybrid war, Deputy PM says.
19. TASS: Putin not yet received second shot of vaccine – Kremlin spokesman.
20. New York Times: ‘You Can’t Trust Anyone’: Russia’s Hidden Covid Toll Is an Open Secret. The country’s official coronavirus death toll is 102,649. But at least 300,000 more people died last year during the pandemic than were reported in Russia’s most widely cited official statistics.
21. Wall Street Journal: Serhii Plokhy, The Real Lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Newly uncovered Soviet sources show that the 1962 confrontation could easily have spiraled into nuclear war—a useful warning as we face a new arms race today.

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