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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#72 :: Tuesday, 6 April 2021
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1. Putin poised to set out vision for future in dramatic speech, in what allies say will be ‘world’s most important political event’ –
2. Bloomberg: Putin Plans to Attend Biden Climate Summit Despite ‘Killer’ Jibe
3. The National Interest: Ted Galen Carpenter, Joe Biden’s Ukraine Policy: A Repeat of George W. Bush in Georgia? It is a bad idea for Washington to give its partners the impression that they have a blank to go to war and expect American forces to come to the rescue if the fighting goes poorly.
4. Moscow holds emergency talks with US over fighting in Donbass as Ukraine says NATO exercises will train troops for war with Russia –
5. Atlantic Council: Peter Dickinson, Is Putin about to launch a new offensive in Ukraine?
6. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, IS RUSSIA ABOUT TO INVADE UKRAINE? –
7. Meduza: ‘No one has been wandering’. The Kremlin’s spokesman answers questions about the movements of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine.
8. Carnegie Moscow Center: Maxim Samorukov, Are Russia and Ukraine Sliding Into War? With Moscow massing its troops on Ukraine’s eastern border and in Crimea, Kyiv has little chance of standing its ground if the standoff deteriorates into a military confrontation. Yet there are reasons to believe that neither side intends to unleash a war.
9. Ron Paul, Why is the Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine to Attack Russia?
10. Meeting with Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova –
11. TASS: Izvestia: Top Russian health official urges public to get vaccinated against coronavirus.
13. NYU Jordan Center: Delgerjargal Uvsh, Is the “Resource Curse” Irreversible? Experiences of the Russian Regions.
14. Russia developing financial battle plan in case of Western attack on economy or sanctions against sovereign debt, diplomat reveals –
15. TASS: Most Russians for restricting banned content on the Internet, poll shows.
16. TASS: Vedomosti: Foreign agents greenlighted to take part in Russian elections.
17. TASS: Kremlin assures if Navalny’s genuinely ill, he’ll get all necessary aid in jail.
18. Intellinews: Only a third of Russians consider Navalny’s jailing as “unjust” and half approve of the decision.
19. Russia Is Being Left Behind In The Energy Transition.
20. Valdai Discussion Club: Ivan Timofeev, US Sanctions Against Iran and the Future of the JCPOA: A View From Tehran and Moscow –
21. Valdai Discussion Club: Steven Pifer, Nuclear Arms Control in the 2020s –
22. Wall Street Journal: U.S. Retires Planes Used to Monitor Russia Under ‘Open Skies’ Treaty. Reconnaissance jets to be taken out of use; Biden hasn’t committed to rejoining pact after criticizing Trump’s withdrawal.
23. Intellinews: Ukraine’s Zelenskiy calls on NATO to accelerate its accession.

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