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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#59 :: Sunday, 21 March 2021
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1. Reuters: Tentative recovery in sight as Russia’s real wages, unemployment improve.
2. Washington Post editorial: Russia meddled again — but there’s a bigger reason to be alarmed.
3. The National Interest: Mark Episkopos, Will America ‘Pay a Price’ for Biden’s Attacks on Putin? The U.S. president’s comments triggered a storm of outrage in Moscow.
4. The New Yorker: Masha Gessen, How Biden Rattled Putin. All it seems to take is to say something that’s true.
5. Intellinews: Ben Aris, Putin is a killer redux. US President Joe Biden had the remark “Putin is a killer” attributed to him, but what he actually did was mumble “I do.” Now there is talk of new sanctions against Russian debt and oligarchs, but both those scenarios remain very unlikely.
6. TASS: Russian Ambassador to US eyes a lot of work on Russian-American relations in Moscow –
7. New York Times: In Russia, a Virus Lockdown Targets the Opposition. A court has confined 10 prominent opposition politicians and dissidents to house arrest, ostensibly for violating coronavirus safety rules.
8. PONARS Eurasia: Maria Lipman, The Dzerzhinsky Discord: Who Will Fill the Vacancy in Lubyanka Square?
9. Financial Times: Russia lifts interest rates for first time in more than 2 years. Central bank seeks to cool inflation as economy rebounds from Covid crisis.
10. Russia set for showdown with international law amid $57bn Yukos oil empire battle & ruling over jailed opposition figure Navalny –
11. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Russia’s Not-So-Great Firewall Is Good Enough to Sway Apple. The country lacks the market power that China has used to control the internet, but a win against Apple this week shows it’s learning some new coercive tricks.
12. Moscow Times: Jennifer Eremeeva, Katherine Zubovich’s Magnificent ‘Moscow Monumental’. The story of Moscow’s skyscrapers and the lives they changed (Excerpt).
13. Nikkei Asia (Japan): Dmitri Simes Jr., China wins high marks from Russians, scoring 74% favorability. Young Russians in particular view economic powerhouse positively, research finds.
14. Asia Times: Russia stakes its claim to Afghan peace process. Moscow fears Islamic State militancy on its border and wants no role for NATO in a part-Taliban ruled country –
15. TASS: Kabul is not against dividing powers with Taliban – Afghan reconciliation council head.
16. The Jamestown Foundation: Russia’s Karabakh Protectorate Taking Clearer Shape (Part One) –
17. Scott Ritter, Biden and Blinken’s unprovoked attacks on Russia and China backfire…because if you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones –
18. Consortium News: Joe Lauria, Russiagate Rolls On, Giving Biden Political Cover. When it comes to national security reporting corporate journalists have time and again shown they are practicing something other than journalism –
19. Washington Post: David Ignatius, Russia’s disinformation campaign will keep rolling, as long as Republicans are gullible enough
20. editorial: Nord Stream 2 Behind Biden’s Gratuitous Slander of Putin –
21. Fakty (Ukraine): Ukraine security risk database head unveils work details. (Myrotvorets)

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