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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#26 :: Friday, 5 February 2021
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1. Most Russians could be vaccinated against Covid-19 by summer, as Sputnik V creator reveals doses can be kept unfrozen for 2 months –
2. New York Times: Achal Prabhala and Chee Yoke Ling, It’s Time to Trust China’s and Russia’s Vaccines. They, too, work, and they can help fill shortages everywhere.
3. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, LATEST POLL UNDERMINES CLAIMS OF RISING DISSATISFACTION IN RUSSIA. [Text with charts] [DJ: See also]
4. The National Interest: Russian Protests and American Interests. Alexei Navalny’s arrest is threatening to put the Russian government on a collision course with a reinvigorated protest movement at home and with the United States abroad. Jill Dougherty, Robert Legvold, and Konstantin Remchukov discuss these questions and more in a panel moderated by George Beebe.
5. Putin’s approval rating drops slightly to 64%, while Navalny overtakes Communist Party leader in new Russian opinion poll –
6. Navalny allies decide to pause protests in Russia after momentum stalls amid smaller turnout last weekend & police crackdown –
7. Interfax: Presidential Council for Human Rights members call against using riot control weapons, for probing cases of excess of police authority.
8. Meduza: ‘This is the road to dictatorship’. Here’s what some of Russia’s top experts expect in the aftermath of Alexey Navalny’s imprisonment.
9. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Minor party to help maintain pro-Putin majority.
10. No Yardstick: András Tóth-Czifra, The plague year of the regions –
11. Intellinews: Ben Aris, Russian government launches a National Projects 2.0 revamp. Russia’s 12 national projects that are designed to return prosperity to the country have been given a make-over in the hope of faster progress.
12. Intellinews: U.S. open to easing Nord Stream 2 sanctions
13. RFE/RL: Biden Says ‘America Is Back’ As He Strikes New Tone In U.S. Foreign Policy
14. Politico: Thomas Graham and Robert Legvold, It’s Better to Deal with China and Russia in Tandem. Putting China and Russia into policy silos will be counterproductive.
15. Washington Times: Lyle Goldstein, A deteriorating U.S.-Russia relationship is dangerous. Biden should rein in tensions. Mixing Russia’s domestic political issues with cyber complications creates a perfect storm.
16. Carnegie Moscow Center: Andrey Baklitskiy, A New Start for Arms Control? Extending the New START is only the first and easiest step in rebuilding the U.S.–Russian arms control system from its ruins.
17. Valdai Discussion Club: New START and the Prospects for Weapons Limitation in Russian-American Relations. Now that the New START Treaty is extended, the parties need to make efforts to work out a realistic new agreement that takes into account as many of the parties’ concerns as possible, but it should not set impossible tasks as a precondition, writes Valdai Club expert Evgeny Buzhinsky. Lieutenant-General (Retired), Ph.D. Military Sciences. –
18. American Committee on US-Russia Accord: Symposium: Which Way Forward For US-Russia Relations? The Board Members of the American Committee for US-Russia Accord have come together to lend their insights and suggestions as to how we might find a peaceful and productive way forward for the US-Russia relationship. –
19. Russia Matters: Victoria Nuland on Russia
20. Facebook: Anton Shekhovtsov, Attack on Navalny.
21. TASS: Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Zelensky’s shutdown of opposition TV channels unlikely to trigger unrest.
22. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Press release on Russian-German contacts on the “Alexey Navalny case”


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