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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#195 :: Tuesday, 5 October 2021
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1. The Economist: The future of American power. Dmitri Trenin on Russia’s interests in the new global order. America’s unipolar moment is over. It must carefully manage relations with China and Russia, says a Russian military-political analyst.
2. Paul Robinson, Pandora Papers: Every US state-funded exposé on the lavish lives of elites is about Russia & Putin, even when he’s not mentioned –
3. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Why Putin’s Money Eludes Offshore Investigators. The Pandora Papers’ findings suggest that Russian kleptocrats are relying less on the West as a financial haven.
4. Russian Communist leader warns Putin that police ‘brutality’ & controversial online voting are ‘bomb’ waiting to ‘blow up’ society –
5. The Barents Observer (Norway): Political infighting reverberates through Russia’s Arctic capital.
6. Moscow Times: Anna Arutunyan, Despite Repression and Covid, Russia Can Look to the Future. A vibrant new compilation of essays, art and fiction presents visions of what lies ahead.
7. Bloomberg: How Putin’s Advisers Convinced Him to Take Climate Risks Seriously. The Kremlin may unveil a new approach to coordinate with Europe on emissions at the COP26 summit.
8. AFP: Nord Stream 2 operator begins filling controversial pipeline.
9. Moscow Times: Massive Video Leak Shows Rampant Torture at Russian Prisons – NGO.
10. Kit Klarenberg, Could the CIA be behind the leak of the Pandora Papers, given their curious lack of focus on US nationals? –
11. Moon of Alabama: U.S. Government Provides Another Trove Of Offshore Papers Of People It Dislikes –
13. TASS: Diplomat slams Big Tech’s global outage flop, calls for Russia to build up own Internet –
14. Russia Matters: Russia Analytical Report, Sept. 27-Oct. 4, 2021. This Week’s Highlights.
15. Responsible Statecraft: Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, Lithuania wants to be the new Eastern outpost for US empire. Like their ancient Roman counterparts, U.S. legions supplement regional security, and so the footprint grows. –
16. The National Interest: David Pyne, America Cannot Take On China And Russia Simultaneously. U.S. concerns about the risks of fighting a coming war with Russia and China are well-grounded, given it is unprepared to fight even a purely conventional war with them.
17. Fiona Hill, former Russia advisor to Trump and a staunch critic, dismisses the idea that Putin has compromising material on him.
18. Susan Shelley, The Trump-Russia smear altered America’s direction.
20. Ottawa Citizen (Canada): Far-right extremists in Ukraine brag they have received training from the Canadian Forces: report. The study from an institute at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., tracked social media accounts of the far-right group Centuria, documenting its Ukrainian military members giving Nazi salutes, promoting white nationalism and praising members of Nazi SS units.
21. Worldcrunch: Zelensky’s Ukraine, Where The Pandora Papers Hit Hardest. The global probe of offshore accounts around the world strike at the heart of Kiev’s current government and power structure of a ruling class that rose to power on the promise of fighting corruption, including the television-star-turned-President Volodymyr Zelensky.
22. The Calvert Journal: Dancing for Stalin: the harrowing story of a ballerina who survived the gulag.

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