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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#190 :: Monday, 27 September 2021
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1. Meeting with political parties’ leaders –
2. TASS: Putin thanks leaders of United Russia party list for good results in recent polls –
3. Meeting with newly elected governors –
4. TASS: Putin lists poverty, social and infrastructure woes as Russia’s foremost foes –
5. TASS: Poverty in Russia needs to be brought down to minimum — Putin.
7. The Spectator (UK): Jade McGlynn, Is Russia ready for life after Putin? –
8. YouTube defends decision to take down Navalny election posts, insists firm committed to both free speech & abiding by Russian law –
9. Moon of Alabama: NY Times Acknowledges U.S. Failure In Russia – Adds More To What Caused It –
10. The Unz Review: Israel Shamir, Putin’s Disappearing Act –
11. RFE/RL: View From The Ground: Russia’s Ulyanovsk Region Highlights Limits Of China-Russia Ties.
12. Russia could offer extra gas to Western Europe as consumers see energy bills skyrocket amid squeeze on supplies, Kremlin reveals –
13. Moscow Times: Michele Berdy, Andrei Zorin’s Biography ‘Leo Tolstoy’ is Essential Reading. This slim but rich volume is impossible to put down.
14. German election results ‘not the most encouraging’ for improving relations between Berlin & Moscow – top Russian policymaker –
15. Bloomberg: U.S. Should Do More to Ease Iran Tensions, Russia’s Lavrov Says
16. Reuters: Kremlin Says NATO Expansion in Ukraine Is a ‘Red Line’ for Putin
17. Wall Street Journal: U.S., Russia Should Deepen Military Communications, Mark Milley Says. Top general, criticized over calls to China, says expanded contact with Russia could head off misunderstandings.
18. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Pentagon seeks to increase presence along Northern Sea Route.
19. Asia Times: How Russia will likely respond to AUKUS. Moscow could seek to sell its own nuclear submarine technology and form a countervailing maritime coalition with China in response to AUKUS.
20. Izvestia: Aukus pact not to affect Russia’s interests in Asia-Pacific much – analysts.
21. Tarik Cyril Amar, Plenty more subs in the sea: AUKUS nuclear deal could end up pushing Russia and China closer together but dividing Europe –
22. AFP: In separatist Transnistria, Sheriff calls the shots
23. The National Interest: Diana Kadi, What’s Behind the Crimea Pipeline Attack? Any discussions about the treatment of Crimean Tatars at the UN have to center on the recent arrests of those who perpetrated the gas pipeline bombing in the village of Perevalnoye in Crimea.
24. Foreign Affairs: Fiona Hill, The Kremlin’s Strange Victory. How Putin Exploits American Dysfunction and Fuels American Decline.

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

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