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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#176 :: Tuesday, 7 September 2021
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1. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dmitri Trenin, Interpreting the Biden Doctrine: The View From Moscow. It is the success or failure of remaking America, not Afghanistan, that will determine not just the legacy of the Biden administration, but the future of the United States itself.
2. Moscow Times: Russia’s 2020 Average Temperatures Broke All Records – Ministry
3. Plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum. (excerpts) –
4. TASS: Putin, Russian defense minister go on Siberian retreat, Kremlin spokesman says –
5. TASS: No vulnerabilities spotted in electronic voting system — Rostelecom –
6. TASS: US seeks to discredit Russian elections, this must be prevented — CEC head –
7. Moscow Times: Jake Cordell, In Small-City Russia, Elections Feel Irrelevant For Local Business Owners . Saransk’s entrepreneurs are divided over whether the government is on their side, but discontent is unlikely to be reflected in the upcoming Duma vote.
8. Moscow Times: Russians See Decreasing Likelihood of Protests – Poll
9. Transitions Online/Novaya Gazeta: Kirill Martynov, Defeat and Departure A new exodus: leaving Russia in 2021 –
10. Michele Berdy: Re: [SEELANGS] Question about recent history Russian Travel advisory.
11. Visual Capitalist: Ranked: The Fastest Growing Cities in Europe. Six of the top 20 fastest growing cities in Europe are located in Russia.
12. Russia needs new wave of privatization to slash public sector & sell off ‘inefficient’ state companies – Putin confidant Kudrin –
13. TASS: No decision on shifting to large-scale privatization in Russia taken, says Kremlin –
14. Financial Times: Inside Sberbank’s push to become Russia’s Amazon. State-owned group wants to use funding base to offer everything from food delivery to streaming entertainment.
15. Wall Street Journal: More Russian Companies Set to Join New York IPO Frenzy. Health-food provider VkusVill and SPB Exchange are preparing for U.S. share offerings in coming months.
16. Russia Says Nord Stream 2 To Become Operational In Days
17. Europe Needs Nord Stream 2 More Than It Likes To Admit
18. History News Network: Walter Moss, Nationalist Nostalgia in Russian Film Mirrors Putin’s Political Bending of History
19. Valdai Discussion CLub: The Eastern Economic Forum and New Global Realities. The Eastern Economic Forum in 2021 showed a lot of how the interaction between the state and business, primarily at the international level, will look amid the new conditions. The world’s governments are now increasingly focused on how to deal with internal problems and how to resolve existing or potential conflicts at the level of their national institutions, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev –
20. Glenn Diesen, With its plan to unite Eurasia from sea to sea, Russia is betting the days of total US economic supremacy are now coming to an end –
21. Valdai Discussion Club: Central Asia and Eurasia after the Fall of Kabul. The fall of Kabul will have profound implications for Central Asia and wider Eurasia — presenting both risks and opportunities. The risks associated with the Taliban in control of Afghanistan can be construed as an opportunity to test and advance the Greater Eurasian Partnership, writes Valdai Club expert Glenn Diesen. –
22. The Unz Review: Pat Buchanan, Is Democracy Versus Autocracy the New Cold War?
24. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to questions from MGIMO students and faculty on the occasion of the beginning of a new academic year, Moscow, September 1, 2021 –

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