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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#136 :: Tuesday, 6 July 2021
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1. Russia is ready to respond ‘harshly & decisively’ to any future US power plays, country’s foreign minister Lavrov warns Washington –
2. TASS: Russia warns provocateurs might ‘get clocked in the nose’ over ‘games’ in the Black Sea –
3. Moscow Times: ‘We Are Not Revolutionaries’: Russia’s Last Liberal Party Operates Under No Illusions. Yabloko stalwarts see little chance of victory in September’s high-stakes elections to the country’s national parliament.
4. Main Russian liberal party rejects top Navalny ally from standing as candidate, after founder slammed campaigner as nationalist –
5. Moscow Times: Russia’s Blacklisting of Bard College Signals End of Key U.S.-Russia Cultural Exchange. The U.S. liberal arts college has been labeled “undesirable,” effectively banning its dual-degree program with St. Petersburg State University.
6. RIA Novosti: Covid-19 Economy: Russia says $14bn lost due to pandemic.
7. Intellinews: Artem Zaigrin, Russian ‘Jackson Hole’ macro takeaways: monetary policy is put under review. Russia’s central bank is worried that big changes in the structure of economy over the last year — like so many workers going online — have changed the way inflation works. So it is launching a big review of its policies to work out how to proceed.
8. Paul Goble: Despite Putin’s Urging, Russia’s Major Companies Aren’t Willing to Move Out of Moscow
9. Sputnik: Ditching Dollars, Prioritizing China & India, De-Westernizing: Inside Russia’s New Security Strategy –
10. Sputnik: There is Chance to Normalise Russia-US Relations, Moscow Says –
11. Meduza: What you need to know about Russia’s 2021 national security strategy
12. South China Morning Post: Artyom Lukin, Why US-Russia reconciliation will be difficult despite warmer relations –
13. Asia Times: Russia seeks to accelerate old Soviet state union. Moscow is pushing EAEU integration measures with an eye on expansion and countering perceived threats from the West.
14. Bloomberg: Biden, Putin Face Early Post-Summit Test Over Syria Cooperation
15. Al Jazeera: Russia backs ASEAN consensus on Myanmar crisis. During visit to Jakarta, Russia’s top diplomat says ASEAN’s Five Point Consensus should be the basis for resolving Myanmar crisis.
16. Intellinews: Kremlin talks with Tashkent and Dushanbe as concerns over Afghanistan instability grow. Leaders in Central Asia and Russia are alarmed at the dramatic outbreak of fighting in Afghanistan and are worried the hostilities will spill over the border.
17. TASS: Vedomosti: Tajikistan mobilizes troops after Afghan forces retreat to its territory.
18. TASS: Russia’s 201st Military Base ready to help resolve tense situation on Tajik-Afghan border –
19. Awful Avalanche: America Retreats From Afghanistan – To Central Asia?
20. Facebook: Sergey Markov, Afghanistan.

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