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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#132 :: Wednesday, 30 June 2021
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1. Paul Robinson, Western focus on Russian political dead-enders exposes failure to grasp that real change in Moscow will come from system insiders –
2. Moscow Times: Putin Takes Russians’ Questions at Annual Marathon Call-In
3. Direct Line with Vladimir Putin –
4. TASS: Yeltsin didn’t ‘hand over’ presidential power, Putin says, notes constitutional procedures –
5. Despite deteriorating Covid-19 situation in Russia, Putin says he’s still opposed to policy of nationwide compulsory vaccination –
6. Russia not planning to block foreign social media networks despite showdown with US giant Twitter over ‘illegal content’ – Putin –
7. Even if Russia had sunk British warship, it wouldn’t have started WW3 because US & UK know they can’t win such a conflict – Putin –
8. Gilbert Doctorow, Vladimir Putin on ‘Direct Line’ today: HMS Defender and the start of WWIII –
9. TASS: Putin is ready to meet with Zelensky, provided it is clear what is to be discussed –
10. TASS: Russian economy has adapted to sanctions, Putin says –
11. New York Times: As the Virus Rages, Putin Pushes Russians to Get a (Russian) Vaccine. In his annual call-in show, President Vladimir V. Putin struck a changed tone after previously having cast his country’s handling of Covid-19 as a success story.
12. Washington Post: Putin call-in show: Russians press the president on new coronavirus vaccine rules
13. Sam Greene, Research Review: Is Russia a Black Knight? New research on autocracy promotion confirms an old finding: Moscow is more concerned with what it gets, than how it gets it.
14. The Barents Observer: The looming Arctic collapse: more than 40% of north Russian buildings are starting to crumble. Previously solid ground is quickly degrading. The melting of the permafrost is about to cause huge damage to buildings and infrastructure across the country, Russia’s natural resource minister warns.
15. US officials warn Americans against ALL travel to Russia, citing ‘terrorism’ concerns & inability to provide consular support –
16. RFE/RL: Russia Approves Roster Of 335 Neutral Athletes For Tokyo Olympics
17. Valdai Discussion Club: Timofei Bordachev, Are There Any Chances of a “Concert” Among the Leading States? –
18. Russian International Affairs Council: Andrey Kortunov, Russia and the European Union: Shall We Dispense with Summits? –
19. Valdai Discussion Club: Zhang Xin, China and Russia: Opportunities and Threats to Further Rapprochement –
20. Washington Examiner: Tom Rogan, China and Russia’s exaggerated partnership
21. Tarik Cyril Amar, For all the talk of ‘Stalin’s successes,’ the Soviet Union smashed the Nazis in spite of his harsh leadership, not because of it –
22. Russia’s Little Cyber Green Men Versus the U.S. Digital Army

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