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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#112 :: Friday, 28 May 2021
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1. Intellinews: Russian President Putin rules out mandatory vaccination as impractical
2. AFP: Russians spurn Sputnik shots, deaf to Putin’s pleas
3. Moscow Times: Melting Permafrost Could Cost Russian Economy $67Bln by 2050.
4. The American Conservative: Doug Bandow, How Biden Can (And Should) Cooperate With Putin. The upcoming summit between Biden and Putin is an opportunity for productive conversation and a little less conflict.
5. Indian Punchline: M.K. Bhadrakumar, Biden wants to remain engaged with Russia, China
6. TASS: Senior diplomat hopes ambassadors will return to Moscow, Washington after summit –
7. TASS: ‘Political mistake’: Russian diplomat castigates US refusal to return to Open Skies Treaty –
8. No going back to ‘Open Skies’ spy plane agreement, US tells Russia ahead of eagerly awaited first Biden-Putin presidential summit –
9. Moscow Times: European Firms Most Optimistic on Russia Since 2012. But concerns about tough regulation also surge to a record high.
10. Intellinews: Russian inflation is as infectious as the virus. Inflation is back and its spreading from sector to sector and country to country.
11. Paul Goble: ‘Green Shift’ Occurring across Russian Political Spectrum, Shaburov Says.
12. Russia Observer: Patrick Armstrong, RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 27 MAY 2021 –
13. RFE/RL: Five Former Moscow Police Officers Jailed Over 2019 Arrest Of Journalist Golunov.
14. AP: As Russia tensions simmer, NATO conducts massive war games
15. TASS: Kremlin clarifies entry denial to flights bypassing Belarus due to point of entry issues –
16. Valdai Discussion Club: Ivan Timofeev, Ryanair Incident: Five Sanctions Risks for the Republic of Belarus –
17. Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA): Maryia Sadouskaya-Komlach, The West needs to look beyond the current crisis
18. The Economist: An ever deeper union. Having hijacked a Ryanair plane, Belarus draws closer to Russia. Only Vladimir Putin wants to be friends with Alexander Lukashenko.
19. Wall Street Journal: Isolation Pushes Belarus’s Lukashenko Closer to Russia’s Putin. Belarusian leader’s worsening predicament gives the Kremlin a chance to advance long-held plans to deepen integration with the ex-Soviet republic.
20. RFE/RL: Amid A Disinformation Cacophony From Minsk, Analysts Say ‘Putin Benefits’
21. Paul Robinson, Roman Protasevich’s dramatic arrest by Belarus has caused outrage. But why is Western media failing to report his neo-Nazi links? –
22. Meduza: Journalist or soldier? Meduza dissects allegations that Roman Protasevich (arrested in the Ryanair Minsk incident) served with a neo-Nazi Ukrainian paramilitary unit.
23. Foreign Affairs: Nate Schenkkan, The Authoritarian Assault on Exiles. Belarus’s Skyjacking Reflects a Global Threat That Democracies Must Confront.
24. Kyiv Post editorial: Strategic instability

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