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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#110 :: Wednesday, 26 May 2021
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1. Moscow Times: Russian Congress Seeking Inspiration From Medieval History Is Quashed by Authorities. The crackdown is being seen as a sign that the Kremlin is playing closer attention to local power structures ahead of fall elections.
2. Russian parliament passes law to ban those involved with ‘extremist’ & ‘terrorist’ organizations from running for political office –
3. Moscow Times: 80% of Russian Business Owners Fear Arbitrary Arrest. Most entrepreneurs say Russia is not safe for business and that court rulings are not independent.
4. Riddle: Nick Trickett, Mishustin and the Politics of Stagflation –
6. Glenn Diesen, Belarus’ grounding of a passenger jet is shocking – but it’s not unprecedented, and the West should remember it has done the same –
7. Gabriel Gavin By trying to link Russia & Nord Stream 2 to Belarus’ grounding of plane, Western talking heads have failed to understand crisis –
8. The National Interest: Mark Episkopos, The Real Significance of the Biden-Putin Summit in Geneva. Biden and Putin, who have met previously, are likely to shun diplomatic pleasantries and get down to business. It can’t come soon enough.
9. TASS: Vedomosti: Putin-Biden summit to be held in Geneva on June 16.
10. TASS: Kremlin sees no reset after Russia-US summit, but says its role shouldn’t be played down.
11. New York Times: Biden and Putin to Meet in Mid-June, in a Summit Fraught With Tensions. The meeting comes at the worst point in Russian-American relations since the fall of the Soviet Union about 30 years ago.
12. AP: Kremlin tempers expectations for Putin-Biden summit in June
13. Ray McGovern, Is the Biden-Putin Summit Doomed? –
14. The Barents Observer (Norway): Tackling dumped nuclear waste gets priority in Russia’s Arctic Council leadership. The reactors from the submarines K-11, K-19, and K-140, plus the entire submarine K-27 and spent uranium fuel from one of the old reactors of the Lenin-icebreaker have to be lifted from the seafloor and secured.
15. Russia Matters: Mark Katz, Russia’s Competing Policy Interests in Syria and the Middle East.
16. The Conversation: Kevork Oskanian, Nagorno-Karabakh: in the aftermath of war, Armenia faces an unpalatable choice
17. Biggest Navy Exercise in a Generation Will Include 25,000 Personnel Across 17 Time Zones
18. Paul Goble: Putin’s Aggressiveness Uniting West against Russia and Powering Its Search for Modus Vivendi with China, Shevtsova Says
19. Washington Post: David Ignatius, The barrier of fear is breaking in Belarus
20. Wall Street Journal: Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., Two Grifters and a Dossier. The cumulation of evidence suggests Christopher Steele was a complete phony.

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