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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#11 :: Sunday, 17 January 2021
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1. Russia Beyond: How COVID-19 vaccination is proceeding in Russia –
2. National Review: Tuvia Tenenbom, Russia Has Its Own (Very Russian) Way of Dealing with COVID. ‘What’s the point of hiding from it?’
3. Paul Goble: During Lockdown, Russian Women Drank More, Gained Weight and Took Less Care of Themselves, New Study Finds.
4. TASS: Russia-US relations likely to remain extremely cold in coming years, says Medvedev –
5. TASS: US elections may trigger fundamental world changes – Medvedev –
6. TASS: Dmitry Medvedev, America 2.0. After the election –
7. Moscow Times: Felix Light, A Year After Shock Appointment, Russian Prime Minister Mishustin’s Star is Rising. Some experts are predicting that the well-connected technocrat might be destined for a long career at the summit of Russian politics.
8. AP: Germany approves resuming Russia gas pipeline work.
9. Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline gets closer to finish line, first link expected to be completed by June –
10. M.K. Bhadrakumar, How Russia is building its leverage in the Caucasus. Three-country working group to promote restoration and building of transport links through Azerbaijan and Armenia.
11. Facebook: Fred Weir, Arctic.
12. Scott Ritter, Russia leaving Open Skies could actually open the door to broader and better diplomatic relations with the US and Europe –
13. PONARS Eurasia: Kathryn Stoner, How Much Should We Worry About a Resurrected Russia? More Than You Might Think
14. Center for New American Security: Andrea Kendall-Taylor and David Shullman, Navigating the Deepening Russia-China Partnership. [Click here for full report (PDF)]
15. The National Interest: Mark Episkopos, Joe Biden’s Pick of Victoria Nuland Means Relations with Russia Could Get Worse. Reports of Victoria Nuland’s future appointment are sure to come as a source of elation to the government in Kiev. By the same token, they send perhaps the clearest message yet to Moscow that the prospects for meaningful U.S.-Russian rapprochement under a Biden administration appear exceedingly slim.
16. Awful Avalanche: The Illarionov Case: A Deeper Dive –
17. 1996 Election – The Americans Didn’t Elect Yeltsin. Patrick Armstrong explains why the Time magazine’s “Yanks to the Rescue” story was utterly wrong –
18. Washington Times: RowanScarborough, Justice Department knew there was no Russia collusion by spring of 2017.
19. Flight scheduled to bring Russian opposition figure Navalny home to Moscow & possible arrest takes off from German capital –
20. Moscow Times: Navalny Returns to Russia. (live updates)
21. Washington Post editorial: Putin has the power to crush Navalny when he returns to Russia. He’ll be the loser if he does.

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