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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#231 :: Monday, 21 December 2020
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1. Moscow Times: Russia’s Response to the Coronavirus: The 2020 Timeline.
2. Combo of AstraZeneca & Sputnik V may be better way to immunize people from Covid-19, developer of Russian vaccine tells RT –
3. Russian International Affairs Council: Andrey Kortunov, Russia’s Foreign Policy in 2021: Fourteen Practical Tasks –
4. The National Interest: Dimitri K. Simes, Why American Needs a Foreign Policy Reset. We must recognize that world affairs are rarely black and white, that alliances should serve as instruments of U.S. policy rather than as ends in themselves, and that—like it or not—history as we always knew it has returned.
5. TASS: Russia hopes incoming US administration to restore communication mechanisms –
6. Forbes: James Rodgers, Russia In 2021: Six Things To Watch
7. Russia Matters: Joseph Haberman, Russia’s Impact on US National Interests: Stability of the International Economy. (excerpt)
8. Congratulations on Security Agency Worker’s Day –
9. Glenn Diesen, Dream of alliance from Lisbon to Vladivostok dies: German efforts to create a Europe without Russia forged a Europe against Russia –
10. The National Interest: Mark Episkopos, Nagorno-Karabakh and the Fresh Scars of War. With the cease-fire, Armenia has finally disentangled itself—albeit violently and haphazardly—from a prolonged territorial conflict that it could never win.
11. Russia Beyond: How the Soviets sent kids to the Gulag –
12. Awful Avalanche: Role Of Kosygin In Soviet History – Part I –
13. Awful Avalanche: Role Of Kosygin In Soviet History – Part II –
14. Carnegie Moscow Center: Andrei Lankov, Russia’s Waning Influence on North Korea. Embroiled in a confrontation with the West, Russia cannot play the role of an effective intermediary, and Moscow’s unwillingness to subsidize North Korea means that for Pyongyang, Russia is of no interest as a potential donor.
15. Moscow Times: Navalny Extracts Poisoning Confession From Alleged FSB Agent on Trick Call.
16. Patrick Armstrong, Stupid, Stupider, Stupidest. (re Navalny) –
17. TASS: Vedomosti: Trump blames China instead of Russia for massive cyberattack on US.
18. Consortium News: Caitlin Johnstone, Washington Post: Russians Are ‘Hacking Our Minds’ . WaPo keeps hammering this narrative about powerful Russian mind-hackers as though Russia is the only nation with an existing propaganda campaign on the world stage.
20. Russia in Global Affairs/The Great Game: WHAT SHOULD WE EXPECT FROM 2021? (Fyodor Lukyanov video with English translation)
21. The Observer (UK) editorial: The Observer view on how Joe Biden should deal with Vladimir Putin. The urge to retaliate against Russia’s cyber-attack on the Pentagon must be resisted if America is to achieve its global goals.

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