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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#165 :: Thursday, 10 September 2020
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1. Interfax: Russia registers 5,363 new coronavirus cases, 128 deaths in past 24 hours – HQ
2. Asia Times: Russia’s rushed vaccine release raises red flags
3. After reliability of trial data questioned, creators of Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine send ‘detailed responses’ to Lancet questions.
4. The Conversation: Christopher White, Arctic warming: are record temperatures and fires arriving earlier than scientists predicted?
5. TASS: Economy on the rebound since June, though recovery of business activity uneven, says Putin.
6. TASS: RBC: Russian economy less affected by coronavirus than other countries.
7. TASS: Bank of Russia does not rule out another pandemic wave, geopolitical shocks, $25 oil price.
8. Reuters: New sanction threats, same shrugs from Russia’s investors
9. Bloomberg: Russia’s Richest Man Owns More Melting Arctic Than Anyone. Vladimir Potanin’s sprawling Siberian mining operations make him the billionaire most exposed to the permafrost crisis.
10. Forbes: Learn How A Russian Mining Giant Created A Collaborative, Work From Home Environment
11. The National Interest: Doug Bandow, Why America Should Fear a Russia-China Alliance. Foreign policy is the art of the possible, distinguishing between reality and fantasy. American policymakers need to recognize that Russia has separate interests that it will pursue irrespective of Washington’s wishes.
12. Paul Goble: Russians Increasingly Say Their Country is Becoming Both More Authoritarian and Less Stable, Levada Center Survey Reports
13. Washington Post: Bryn Rosenfeld, Samuel Greene, Jeremy Morris, Grigore Pop-Eleches and Graeme Robertson, Putin’s support is weakening. Will that show up in Russia’s regional elections this weekend? Our survey finds these new cracks in his popularity.
14. Wall Street Journal: With Navalny Sidelined, Russia’s Opposition Seeks to Deal a Blow to Putin. Local elections could show whether the attack on Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has cowed the opposition or energized it.
15. Moscow Times: Navalny Recovering From ‘Deadlier, Slower-Acting’ Novichok Variant – Reports
16. Navalny aides rubbish sensationalist Der Spiegel/Bellingcat article that claims new security fears for ‘recovered’ activist.
17. TASS: Kommersant: Navalny case triggers new crisis in Russia-West ties.
18. TASS: OPCW still waiting for Germany’s files on Navalny, says Russian envoy.
19. Intellinews: Germany hands over its Novichok investigation data to OPCW
20. Kremlin rubbishes suggestion Putin & Lukashenko will discuss Belarus-Russia unification, as poll shows most Russians are opposed.
21. TASS: Lukashenko says he doesn’t intend to cede power.
22. TASS: Media: Crackdown by Belarusian authorities only adds fuel to protests’ fire.
24. Intellinews: Kolesnikova charged with organising coup d’état, accuses Belarus government of kidnapping
25. Counterpunch: Rober Harris, The Current Impasse in Belarus and the Peace Alternative –
26. The Baltic Word: Baltic States at the epicenter of military exercises
27. Intellinews: Half of Ukrainians want to restore relations with Donbass
28. Martha’s Vineyard Times: Grace Kennan Warnecke, Russia on my mind
29. TASS: Culturally destructive: Filmmaker warns Oscar’s new ‘woke’ standards will lead to ruin.
30. Russia in Global Affairs: Alexander Lukin, THE THEORY OF UNIVERSAL RACISM. (excerpt) –

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