Russia Has More Freedom And Democracy Than USA – Senior Kremlin Official

Kremlin and Moscow Environs Aerial View

(RIA Novosti Moscow, 9 December) First deputy head of the Kremlin administration Vyacheslav Volodin believes that no other country, including the USA, has the kind of democracy that Russia has.

“It is not just that we have maximum democracy, it is also a fact that other countries have not had it, and still don’t. You know, if we take the countries that we perceive as paragons of democracy, for instance the USA, they do not have the same freedoms. They have no direct presidential elections, nor the multi-party system,” Volodin said at the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s authorized representatives with the top officials of the Kremlin administration, members of the cabinet and MPs.

In Volodin’s opinion, good evidence of real democracy in Russia is the fact that a multi-party system is forming in the country. He compared the party system that exists in Russia with the US one. “There are two parties there: if you do not like one, you have the other. If you do not like the other, you have the first one… And just you try setting up a third. In our country we say: no, we must have a fifth, sixth and seventh. There are already 32 of them, and all have federal-level aspirations straight away,” the first deputy head of the Kremlin administration said.

He said that political criticism in Russia was becoming unconstructive because of some people’s desire to experiment endlessly. “We have already gone through the critical agenda. Just look at who the criticism comes from! It does not come from the man on the shop floor but from someone who already has so much that he says: look, let us try to experiment some more,” Volodin said.