Russia, BRICS will cooperate closely with UN, resist using UNSC to dismiss unwanted regimes – concept

UN Building file photo

MOSCOW. March 21 (Interfax) – Russia and its partners in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) intend to resist attempts to use the UN Security Council to dismiss unwanted regimes and to settle conflict situations with force.

“The main goals of Russia in the sphere of international political cooperation with BRICS partners are: world-wide development of cooperation with the UN, preservation and reinforcement of the UN Security Council’s role as the body most responsible for preserving international peace and security, preventing the use of the UN, firstly the UN Security Council, to cover policies aimed at dismissing unwanted regimes and at imposing unilateral, in particular forceful, ways to settle conflict situations,” the concept of Russia’s participation in BRICS said.

The concept was released on Thursday on the eve of BRICS Summit which will be held in South Africa’s Cape Town on March 26-27.

Russia backs up strengthening cooperation in adopting the UN to modern international realities, the document said. “Russia supports reforming the UN Security Council in order to increase its representativeness, however with no damage to its efficiency and effectiveness. The existing exclusive rights of the current permanent members of the UN Security Council, including their veto right, are to be preserved,” the concept said.

Another goal Russia has is “developing cooperation on human rights and fundamental freedoms in the world, increasing coordinated efforts within leading international organizations, firstly the UN, as well as jointly resisting attempts to politicize human rights issues and work of relevant many-sided institutions.”

As to the cooperation in the international security sphere, Russia considers one of its goals “to cooperate in naval piracy, to expand joint efforts in establishing a court mechanism with an international component to pursue and prosecute pirates.

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