RIA Novosti: US Plan for Iran Nuclear Program Blocked After Hasty Changes ­- Russia

Map of Iran with Stylized Radar Sweep and Radiation Symbol Background Image

CAIRO, November 14 (RIA Novosti) ­ Iran tentatively agreed to a US proposal for limiting its nuclear program, but backed out of the deal after last-minute changes in Geneva, Russia’s foreign minister said Thursday.

“The version with the amendments was distributed literally at the last moment, when we were about to depart from Geneva,” Sergei Lavrov said, referring to high-level talks last week.

“We actively supported the [US] draft, just like a number of other P5+1 members,” he said, referring to the six world powers negotiating to restrict Iran’s nuclear program on concerns that it could be used to make weapons.

Lavrov noted that the Russian side found no major issues with the amendments, and that the amended US draft would be considered November 20, when the talks between Iran and the six powers ­ the US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany ­ resume.

He did not disclose which country wanted to make the last-minute changes.

Iran insists its nuclear program is aimed at generating power for civilian purposes.

Last week’s talks in Geneva ended with no particular result. Russia has said Iran is not to blame for the failed outcome.

Tehran offered last month to stop enriching uranium to 20 percent in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, starting with its banking industry and oil exports.