Pamfilova criticizes Kadyrov’s words about non-system opposition

Ramzan Kadyrov file photo

MOSCOW. Jan 13 (Interfax) – Russian human rights ombudsman Ella Pamfilova has criticized the statement made by Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, saying that representatives of the non-system opposition are “enemies of the people” who should face trial for sabotage.

“Such statements are not only pointless, but also harmful because they render a disservice to the country’s president and cast a shadow on the country,” Pamfilova told Interfax on Wednesday.

“It is obvious to all sensible people that only people who violate the law can face trial,” Pamfilova said.

“If anyone’s political activities, even the activities of our so-called non-system opposition, which is not numerous, take place in accordance with the Constitution, no one has a right to use an administrative, judicial or any other arbitrary approach to them,” Pamfilova said.

Kadyrov earlier said that the non-system opposition is trying to destabilize the situation in Russia instead of looking for a solution to the crisis together with the country’s administration.

“People who were previously never heard of are doing everything to become famous by opposing themselves to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Representatives of the so-called non-system opposition are trying to gain from the difficult economic situation. Such people should be treated as enemies of the people, as traitors. Nothing is holy to them,” Kadyrov said during a meeting with journalists in Grozny before the Russian Press Day.

His statements were quoted on the website of the head of Chechnya and the government of Chechnya.