Number of Orthodox Christians, Muslims grows in Russia, 19% are nonbelievers – poll

File Photo of Russian Orthodox Cathedral with Man in Religious Garb in Foreground

Moscow, December 24, Interfax – Orthodox Christianity is the dominant religion in Russia (68%) and 7% of the country’s population is Muslim.

No more than 1% of residents define themselves as Catholics, Protestants, Judaists and others, Levada Center said.

There were 50% of Orthodox Christians and 4% of Muslims in the country a decade ago, Levada Center told Interfax, referring to a poll of 1,600 Russians in November. The number of nonbelievers dipped, from 32% to 19%.

Meanwhile, the number of churchgoers is growing. Forty-three percent of the respondents admitted six years ago that they never went to church; there are 35% of them now. The number of people who go to church weekly has grown by 4%. Six percent of citizens go to church monthly, 3% do that twice or thrice a month, 16% once a year, and 17% several times a year.

The number of Christians who never made their communion has decreased from 78% in 2007 to 65%, Levada Center said, adding that the number of Christians making their communion once a week or monthly had doubled, from 3% to 6%.