NEWSWATCH: “Will Russia’s involvement in Syria end up burning its ties with Israel?” – Christian Science Monitor/Fred Weir

Middle East Map

“… despite … mutual determination [by Russia and Israel] to steer clear of the global storm [between Russia and the West], things may be reaching a breaking point in Syria. While Russia and Israel have hitherto been able to manage their differences there so far, Israel is becoming increasingly concerned as Iran, Russia’s ally in Syria and Israel’s main enemy, gets more firmly ensconced in Syria. … Map of Israel, Palestine, Holy Landvictories by the Syrian regime, backed by Russia, Iran, and the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, have opened up the possibility of a peace settlement to the multi-sided seven-year-old war that could permanently entrench Iran in the country, in sites including military bases near Israel’s border. Israel has signaled that would be unacceptable. …”

Click here for: “Will Russia’s involvement in Syria end up burning its ties with Israel? Israel has maintained a good relationship with the Kremlin amid Russia’s tensions with the West. But as the Assad regime’s victories bring Iran closer to the Israeli border, Russia is finding it harder to balance its needs in Syria with its Israeli ties” – Christian Science Monitor/Fred Weir

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