NEWSWATCH: “What to expect from next U.S. ambassador to Ukraine” [former U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, Marie Yovanovitch] – Kyiv Post/Armine Sahakyan

Marie Yovanovitch file photo, adapted from image at

Ukraine can expect Marie L. Yovanovitch, likely the next U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, to try to help achieve a political accommodation between Kyiv and eastern Ukraine’s separatists, to oppose corruption and political thuggery, and to defend human rights and journalist rights. * * * Yovanovitch, who was born in Canada into a family of immigrants from Russia, majored in history and Russian studies … at Princeton University, and speaks Russian. … the U.S. ambassador to Armenia, she was ambassador to Kyrgyzstan from 2005 to 2008. So by family and university background, and diplomatic experience, she is steeped in the ways of the former Soviet Union.

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