NEWSWATCH: “What Clinton and Trump need to know about Putin’s Russia” – The Hill/Ariel Cohen

File Photo of White House with South Lawn and Fountain

When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump address security challenges … Putin’s Russia will loom large. This is no longer post-communist Russia attempting the transition to a market-based democracy and looking up to the West. That transformation was an epic failure. In Putin’s words, ‘Russia is rising from its knees’. … therein lies the threat. … The next American president will meet the steely-eyed anti-status quo leader of a nuclear power with a long list of complaints …. Russia will challenge the U.S. and the West from the Bering Straights to Bermuda, and from Afghanistan to Aleppo. The refocusing of U.S. intelligence on Russia is a good place to start. … a capable national security leadership team, which includes Russia experts in the next Administration, including the NSC, the Pentagon, and State, would be a logical next step. … we should not forget the war of ideas, political warfare, including the media, and enhancing area expertise and the language skills among the foreign and defense policy practitioners and intelligence professionals. … boosting alliances, and first and foremost, with NATO, Japan and Korea, and reaching out to our post-Soviet friends, from Ukraine, to Georgia, to Kazakhstan, are a must ….

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