NEWSWATCH: “Russia’s Frantic Parade of Lies” – Washington Post Editorial

Artist Rendition of Barrel with Poison Symbol on It, Oozing Green Material

“Russia longs to be taken seriously in matters of global affairs, but … Putin has demonstrated … disdain for the rules-based post-World War II order. What does Russia want instead? In two recent incidents involving the use of outlawed chemicals[, the assassination attempt on Skripal in Britain and a chemical weapons attack in Syria], Russia’s answer has been a frantic parade of lies, bizarre explanations and attempts to distract from finding the truth. … The sad truth is that this fog drifts far and wide. Russia’s stock-in-trade is sowing doubt …. It [e.g., accusations that “White Helmets” were responsible for a WMD attack in Syria] also says a lot about the new world disorder Russia is working to create.”

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