NEWSWATCH: “Russia’s Communists Pursue a Red Revival” – Stratfor

Kremlin and Saint Basil's File Photo

“… The [Communist] Party’s rise, coupled with that of … other dissident factions, will not pose an immediate threat to the Kremlin, but … represents a trend that the current administration can’t afford to ignore in the long term…. cracks are beginning to show in the system that has supported … Putin’s government for 17 years. Demographic shifts, economic stagnation and building pressure from the West have strained the administration and fueled dissatisfaction among the Russian public. … for Russia’s opposition groups, the growing discontent – and the recent rise of various protest movements … present an opportunity. … Navalny, has led the charge, launching an anti-corruption campaign aimed squarely at the government elite. Navalny has opened 60 regional offices … and plans to run for president …. Though it probably won’t allow Navalny’s bid for office, the Kremlin may have other challengers to worry about. The Communist Party … is starting to make its own plans …. long viewed … as a relic of bygone times … best known for organizing street protests for elderly retirees …. But today, the political conditions may be right for Russia’s Communist Party to stage a comeback. …”

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