NEWSWATCH: “Russian PM says poverty is ‘glaring problem’ in country” – AFP

Dmitry Medvedev file photo

“… Medvedev … said poverty remained a ‘glaring problem’ in [Russia], where presidential elections are due to be held next year. ‘Poverty is, of course, one of the glaring problems of our modern economy,’ Medvedev said … ‘When the economy is weak, it’s impossible for there not to be any poor people’, Medvedev said …. A World Bank report … said that while the Russian economy returned to modest growth in 2017 on the back of global growth, trade and rising oil prices, the level of poverty remained high. … Andras Horvai, World Bank Country Director for Russia was quoted as saying … ‘… the current poverty rate at 14.4% remains elevated and the share of vulnerable people, who may fall back to poverty, is still on the rise’ ….”

AFP also reported on Putin’s recent announcement of measures seeking to boost birth rates.

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