NEWSWATCH: “NATO finalizes military build-up to counter Russia” – AFP

NATO Meeting file photo

NATO foreign ministers were … finalising the alliance’s biggest military build-up since the end of the Cold War to counter what they see as a more aggressive and unpredictable Russia. … [At] a “landmark” summit … in July … NATO leaders will formally endorse the revamp which puts more troops into eastern European member states as part of a “deter and dialogue” strategy, meant to reassure allies they will not be left in the lurch in any repeat of the Ukraine crisis. * * * Under … Minsk … Moscow agreed to a ceasefire in Ukraine and to halt support for separatist pro-Russian rebels …  * * * AWACS … could be flown over “NATO territory and international airspace” to help the fight against … Islamic State …. The EU … is grappling with the worst migrant crisis since … World War II and … wants increased cooperation with NATO to tackle the problem …. * * * In another move likely to infuriate Moscow, NATO signed an accession accord with … Montenegro …. Among other states of the former Yugoslavia, Croatia and Slovenia have joined NATO to Russia’s anger …. Georgia … is also seeking membership …. * * * NATO wants dialogue with Russia to ease tensions and avoid potentially dangerous incidents …. NATO suspended all practical cooperation with Russia over Ukraine but left a channel of communication open through … the NATO-Russia Council ….

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