NEWSWATCH: Michael McFaul and Barack Obama share insights about Russia

Putin and Obama with U.S. and Russian Flags

Michael McFaul on Twitter, Sept. 9, 2016: [tweet will appear below, yet might take some extra time to load for some users]

Barack Obama, Speech in Philadelphia, Sept. 13, 2016

“The interviewer asks him [Trump] ‘well why do you support this guy? ‘He’s a strong guy. Look, he’s gotten a 82 percent poll rating.’ Well, yes, Saddam Hussein had a 90 percent poll rating. I mean, if you control the media and you’ve taken away everybody’s civil liberties and you jail dissidents, that’s what happens. The pollster calls you up and says ‘do you support the guy who if you don’t support him he might throw you in jail?’ You say ‘yes, I love that guy.'”

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