NEWSWATCH: “Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them” – New York Times/Andrew Higgins

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“… steeled by a dozen years in the Soviet gulag, decades of sparring with the KGB. and a bout of near fatal heart disease … Bukovsky, a tireless opponent of Soviet leaders and … Putin of Russia, is not a man easily put off his stride. But he got knocked sideways when British police officers … informed him that they had ‘received information about forbidden images’ in his possession. * * * He insisted that he was the victim of a new and particularly noxious form of an old KGB. dirty trick known as #kompromat, the fabrication and planting of compromising or illegal material. * * * Russia’s cyberwarriors serve a multitude of goals, including espionage, the disruption of vital infrastructure – as happened in Ukraine last year when nearly a quarter of a million people lost electricity after a cyberattack on three regional energy companies – the discrediting of foes and the shaping of public opinion through the spread of false information. …”

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